Spring is coming

It is getting warmer in the daytime. Weeds are starting to grow. Some of them are flowering. They will seed and bring up new weeds soon. In order to avoid that, I would pull and cut weeds in the garden. Not entire lot. Too big to do with them. Around the trees or in the farm.

In a tiny farm, among the weeds, I have found several small plants of onion which I planted last fall. I thought they had been dead in the sea of weeds. They were still alive and are ready to grow. Carefully, I pulled weeds around them, covered the roots with soil and gave fertilizer to them. It is much easier and even cheaper to buy onions at supermarket. But, doing that, we could not have the pleasure to do with something living. 

The plants of garlic are also growing steadily. They may yield some fruits of garlic in the spring. The only problem is that they get matured at the same time. I am planning to send them and the other vegetables to my brother, sister and friends. 

The magnolia is still getting ready to bloom. Maybe, after cherry blossoms come out in the end of next month. Spring will be fully blown then.


  1. Shin,

    Long time no qso. Ok here. Heard Ellen, W1YL, early last morning on 20m working VK2BJ, Barry. She said she was fine. As for spring, dandeliions are popping up here ad we are having 3 days of 70 degree weather. Send me some email so I will have your email address. 73, Al, N6ZI

    1. Al

      Thanks for your comment. There are very few on 40m in our late afternoon/early evening hours. You used to show up frequently around 08Z. Maybe, you are having good sleep around that time. Yesterday, I have met Ellen on 40m around that time after 3 months absence. I hope you and your wife have been doing well. Here have we been in the same way. I will send an e mail to you later. Take care.