A woodwork

 There was a place for flower pots in the kitchen. On the aluminum sash of the window open to east, my wife has placed a few pots for flowers which could not survive outside in the cold weather.

But our rascal cat liked to step into that narrow space and had the pots fallen on the floor. It was a real tragedy for me to have them fallen and get the floor dirty with the soil. 

I have decided to build a table for those pots. I planned to prevent the cat from getting into it. Getting ready the electric drill I haven't used for years and purchasing the necessary parts, I started that woodwork. Without any drawing, I could make such as a small table or a rack for ham radio gear. But for the past several years, I seemed to have lost that capability! I have made a few mistakes and had to run to the store for further parts etc. The wood seemed to be cypress, pretty hard to fill the screws. I should have used lauan much softer and easier to do with. Anyway, even in an incomplete outlook, it is finished. The only hope is that the rascal won't invade there and mess the things again.

I should do woodwork more like operating CW. Capabilities will be lost in time...

PS;This morning, the living dining room was unusually peaceful and quiet. And the beast rascal was already there...

He seems to love a place narrow, sunny and surrounded with flowers...

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