We are leaving here for Seattle in a couple of hours. What meeting is waiting for us? I would enjoy every moment in the spirit that "Treasure every meeting for it will never recur".

It is a fine and fairly cool morning here. I looked around our garden. Nobody will take care of my lovely veggies. I have given them a bit of care. I am going to clean messy shack Then everything is ready.

My wife looked a bit tired from packing things into bags until late at night yesterday. But she still seems pleased to go. I should have taken a long vacation for her before. My work has prevented me from going for such a trip. Anyway, this is our real honey moon trip. It is a start of new lives for us for now.

Take care, everyone. I will be back here on Aug. 4th. See you as K7FOC or other calls from the US in the meantime.


Where is the international economy heading to?

The manufacturing sector stock is going on depriciating in Japan. The change in exchange rate is not understandable these days, either. What will go on? Isn't the short term investment money related with these changes? The crisis in international economy is often caused by those investors.

They say the economic crisis in Eu is responsible for these changes. The crises in Italy or in Spain seem to have occurred suddenly. Of course, I know there is a structural problem in Eu countries, the southern countries always being in deficits of national finance. But the appearnce of the crises in some of those countries seems to be too abrupt. I am afraid short term investors with much money are artificially causing this crisis.

Some people say that the japanese economy would be the next target for those investors. The fundamentals are not very promising especially from long range of perspective. The debt of the nation is amounted up to 260% of GDP, which is comparable only to that during WW2. We, the people, are purchasing the national bonds to compensate this big amount of debts. But some some minute manipulation by those investors may cause a drastic change toward the drop of  JPY and of the price of national bonds.

Any drastic changes would harm the usual people who cound never do with such changes. Fairness in the international economy is really needed to avoid such catastrophic changes but to sustain slow and steady growth of economy in every country.  


Dvorak Piano Quitet A Dur

I am listening to this music while preparing evening meal. It is a lyric and romantic piece. Though most of this composer's works won't touch me so much, this is an exception. The flow of beautiful melodies are so fascinating to me. It is not an expression of seriousness but a joy to be in the natural flow of the music. It is appropriate for the time of preparation of evening meal in my case.

By the way, you may google in Youtube for the performance of a group with a famous person as the pianist. Yes, it is the former Secretary of State, Ms Rice. Unfortunately, it was performed in outdoor place with poor recording. Rice has, though, performed as a real pianist in it.


Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.

The tea ceremony in Japan gives us some interesting as well as meaningful proverbs. One of them, which often comes up in my mind lately, is here;

Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.

It means the same meeting or the same event won't recur in our lives. It may mean everything is always changing so that we won't experience the same thing in our lives. It expresses a kind of philosophy that way. At my age, however, I feel this is literally what it says. That is, it could be the last chance to see each other in our lives.

Kemp, K7UQH, has given me a call early this evening. It was so early enough to remind me of the good old days in 1960s as described in this blog before. We again promised seeing each other at the hotel in Bellevue maybe on Jul 28. It is, as he told me, a 145km long drive for him to come to the hotel. I was thankful to him for his effort to see me despite of that. He told me it was a QSO since the end of April this year. He seemed not to be very active any longer. It was a real luck that we could meet today. This QSO has again reminded me of the proverb shown above.

In Seattle, Bill, W7GKF, would come to pick us up at the airport and bring us to the hotel. Alan, AC2K, Steve, W7QC and others are preparing the meeting there. There will be some 47 people attending the meeting. In San Jose, another old friend, Bob, W6CYX, told me to be our private guides there. A few friends told me to see us there as well. Steve, N6TT, is kind enough to take us around and fix a meeting with his family as well as another good friend, Jim, W6YA. I will see all of them in the spirit of this proverb. Thanks, everyone.


A trip to Nagano

I have been to Nagano on my car in the latter half of today. A lady, my cousin's sister in law, has died a couple of days ago.  It was the last chance for me to say good by to her. She has been born, grown up and worked as a farmer at the same place. Not married. But she has spent a quiet life with her brother and his family. The photo shows her home and the hills on the background, which I took late this afternoon. A serene and calm countryside.

I have known her since my med school days. In summer thosedays, I used to visit her place on the way to or from camps of the university orchestra, which had been held near to their home. She welcomed me with warm and quiet smile. She won't speak so much but was always warm hearted to anyone around her. Her family members have loved her as well. She lived in a belief in Christianity.

She had a fracture on her femoral head 6 years ago. It limited her activity so much. Later, she had cerebral vascular problem, which made her bed ridden. I regret that I have never seen her for several years. Despite of having gastrostomy, she gradually went on a downhill course. She finished her trip on the earth at the age of 98 years. Her face looked so peaceful. She must have wanted to come home shown above, I believe. Now she might be everywhere she wants to. Rest in peace, my aunt K. 


The sked of the trip to US finalized

It has been some time since I renewed this blog last time. We have been busy at work, either at home or at office, and at garden. It seems summer has finally arrived here with very sultry weather. We have planned the trip to US we go for in a couple of weeks. As you might know, it has been over two decades since I made such a trip abroad. It was a real sweating labor for me to book the transportation as well as the accommodation. I have made very trivial mistakes which cost me a few hundred bucks. In correcting it, they won't accept my credit card etc. What a mess! But it has been finally over. This is the last schedule;

Jul 27 to 29    at Bellevue Hilton Hotel

Jul 29 to 31   at Moorpark Hotel in San Jose

Jul 31 to Aug 3    at Terranea Resort near Los Angeles

We appreciate to those who care for us at each place; the NW FOC Event committee members, Bob W6CYX , Steve N6TT and others.

The schedule is too tight due to my wife's work schedule. But I would like to see and shake hands with my old friends over there.

Looking forward seeing all of you.


NAIIC Report insufficient and misleading

The National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (NAIIC) has published the report today. Here is the English version of the report.

Reflecting the history of nuclear power generation in Japan, they conclude it was not a natural disaster but a manmade one. The electrical power companies and the administrative agencies have been, as they conclude, responsible for the disaster. Both of them could have prepared for the warthquake as well as the tsunami. They have been so conceited since 1950s when the nuclear power generation project was started. The direct cause of the accident could be the safety system being damaged by the earth quake; they are pretty conservative as for this issue. They say nobody should be accused for this accident. But new law and new regulating agency are required to overcome the problem.

This report seems not to have investigated the real cause. One reason is that they could never access the accident place by themselves. They just infer a possibility that the safety system has acted up with the quake. I believe that, despite of the inaccessibility to the accident site, they could conclude that the quake was the 1st hit to the catastrophe if they have investigated the available data on the pressure and the cooling in the nuclear plant water level. They could have denied the conclusion by the TEPCO and the government that it was due to the tsunami. The latter conclusion was intended to neglect or evaluate less of the effect of the quake, which is favorable to go on running the other nuclear power plants from now on.

The most serious defect of this report is that they have never mentioned of the meaning of the jeopardy. Once a nuclear power plant undergoes such a serious accident as that in Fukushima, it is impossible for us to control or to calm it down. This should not be emphasized more. They have never, however, mentioned of this fact in this report. It seems they would ignore it so that they could go on running the other nuclear power plants with the regulating law and system are renewed. They have lit an aspect of this accident, that is, the fact it ought to occur with the defect in the power company and the regulating bureaucracy. But it is not the true cause. The accident was only conditioned by their conceitedness. The accident was caused by a natural disaster. And we could not control it. This should be the lesson we must learn from this tragedy. Elimination of or independence from any nuclear power generation essentially follows this lesson.


Death of a doctor

A doctor has died at the age of 62 a couple of weeks ago. He had worked at his practice several days before his death. He has been doing with his own practice of GYN/OB just next to mine for about 10 years. We were not very close each other. We just exchanged a few words over the fence in morning or evening when coming into each other's offices or getting home out there. He won't stop smiling any time. He has had pretty many patients possibly thanks to his personality.

I knew he had had a cancer this winter and had undegone a major surgery. He came back to work in several weeks. I have not met him since then. But they told me he had lost much weight. He seemed to have had remote metastasis in GI tract which might be the direct cause of his death. He must have worked enduring much anxiety and pain for himself. I wonder what made him carry on working at the cost of precious time until the very end of his life. He could have spent it with family or could have done something else.

It is surprising he is not an exception. Quite a number of doctors would go on working until the end of their lives even when they know of the worst prognosis of their illnesses. What is the reason?

They could be different in their minds as the case may be. Whatever it may be in their mind, I believe, it is closely related with their attitude to profession. We have been trained to do the best for the patients at any cost. Even in the end of our lives, we might be "programmed" to do that. I won't boast, as a doctor, of this characteristics of doctors. Doctors have been trained to have an ethos to do their best to join and to straighten the flow of lives. In the end of our lives, economical profits or reputation among people won't be the matter for them. Working for the patients must be the proof of our lives.

Of course, I could not ask the doctor what he has thought in the last days of his life. He might answer me it has been his work. That was why he has worked. As I semiretired my work, I feel how much my work has meant to me in my life. I would go on working as a doctor, of course as a parttime, so far as I could.

Rest in peace, doctor N.


Another crisis

The 4th reactor in Fukushima nuclear power plant lost the cooling systems, both normal and emergent, at present. The large number, over 1300, of the spent fuel in the storage pool at the reactor are still generating heat due to the radioactive decay of the nuclear subsutances by, as they reported, 0.26 deg C/hour of the cooling water temp.

I won't overemphasize the crisis. But if the fuel cooling water is lost there, there will be another big disaster. It should be impossible to access to them due to extremely high radiation. The fuel is let go on generating radiation and heat. There could be vapor explosion or hydrogen explosin occuring. There could be another big earth quake which destroy the reactor completely. The reactor building is half destroyed by the quake and the explosion of the adjacent reactors in Mar. 2011. It will result in more contamination of the environment. Much more than that due to the 3.11 accident itself.

Please be concerned and give protesting words to our government from overseas. Our government is tightly bonded with those making profits from nuclear power generation. They are hiding facts. They have already restarted a nuclear power plant in the western Japan. It is a shame that they won't listen and follow our voices.