Pumpkin rolled up with pork

Sliced pumpkin rolled with pork, seasoned with sauce for noodle, soy sauce based, sake and small amount of sugar. Sliced pumpkin is microwaved until it gets softened. Then, they are rolled up with sliced pork. Pepper and salt is powdered. Then, fried on each side. Finally, the sauce is added. Simple and pretty good.


Seeing an old friend of mine W1ITU

The conditions are picking up now. Twenty meters is open to the East Coast early in the morning here.

Yesterday, as well as today, a guy was eagerly calling me with not very loud signal. It was John W1ITU in Cape Cod Mass. He used to be K5PKA in LA and later WG3U in MD, I believe. I have mentioned of him in the previous post here. We used to talk on 20meters CW when I was commuting to the med school hospital. Of course, from my mobile set up. It was exciting to talk to someone in the southern US like him from that simple set up, FT757GX with a Hustler mobile whip. As alrady told, the car was not automatic but manually shifted with the gear. It was like a circus to operate CW on that car. But it was still a fun.

Years later, I guess 3 years ago, we have run across again. He has retired and have been settled down in Cape Cod. His signal was again not very loud. Thrilling to hear him with a barefoot and a dipole. A power equivalent with a lamp and a piece of wire in the air.

We have known through facebook also. It is not the real excitement to talk on CW like before since we could communicate on that SNS. But still a fun. He seems to have enjoyed a couple of big trips recently, one to New Zaeland and the other to the arctic area in cruise. Soon he leaves for Virginia where a couple of his grandchildren are waiting for him and his wife.

It is always good to keep in touch with such old friends as him.

Maybe, already posted this one before. John with two kids in his WG3U days.



Magnolia coming out

It was when I looked up the sky while pulling the weeds that I found this white magnolia was almost fully out. I thought it would bloom later in the beginning of April. I don't know if the warm spring hastened it to come out earlier or my memory was rusty. It was a pleasant surprise anyway.

As repeatedly told, mother used to love this gorgeous and elegant flower very much. She used to come to tell me magnolia is fully blooming. 

I have no one to tell that. In my mind, I would let my mother know on this tiny but still evident change of season's transition in our garden. Cherry blossoms may follow soon.


Playing music with a good friend of mine

A week ago, I had a pleasant ensemble practise with the violinist lady whom I had had many opportunities of ensemble with for the past 2 decades. I have mentioned of her in this blog in the past. She was only a music university student when I asked her to play some piano trio together with one of my old friends since med school days. She was a beautiful and a bit shy girl. It still remains a question to be answered why she said OK to my proposal for an ensemble at that time. With such unskillful and middle aged guy. Anyway, I have had a lot of fun with ensembles with her for such a long time. During this period of time, she has graduated the music university and has found a chance to go to Germany for further study in music. Coming back home some 10 years ago, She kindly played a variety of ensembles together with me again. It was a high light for my music life that we had practised the Nr2 piano trio in C Dur by BrahmS. It took us a year to complete all 4 movements. She has got married after that and was blessed with a couple of daughters in 2 year span. This photo was taken at a concert where we played a part of that trio. Almost ten years ago. The right person is the violinist.

It was the 1st time for me to see both daughters. Lovely ones. While we practised the ensemble, her husband had taken care of the elder one while her mother, coming from a city nearby, caring for the new baby. I was thankful to both of them a lot. We have played a couple of Canons from the Art of the Fugue by Bach. The famous piece, which is thought to be Bach's very last cmposition, unrolls a variety of techniques of Fugue. Each fugue sounds one of the best musics ever composed in the history. I have enjoyed this fugue arranged for a violin and a cello. It was thrilling to go through those canons. I could not help feeling that this genre of composition, fugue, is not only a music category but also an expression more profound and more basic to our lives than any other categories. I have enjoyed it very much. The other piece we practised was the Nr1 piano trio in D moll by Mendlessohn. Only 1st movement. My niece wanted to play it with us at a concert in September. I have already played it with this violinist at a few concerts in the past. It was to remember of the music with her. Not much stress or problems to go through it as if we talked on the good old days with her. 

We have had a pleasant lunch together with her husband and mother after the session. We have talked on family members, gardening, farming and raising kids etc. What a wonderful time she has prepared for me. I could not be more thankful to her.

When I put the cello in the hard case, I have the tripod for recording machine fallen on the back board of the cello. I got paled. It looked like hollowing out a hole! It turned out to be just compression on the board and nothing was core out then later by an instrument technician. That story follows in the next post.

Anyway, playing music with such a good friend like her is an origin of pleasure in life, I was convinced again.


Ume with red blosoms is fully out in the garden

Following the white species ones, this ume with red blossoms is full of flowers right now. This order won't be changed at all. It must be programmed when they are blooming. In a couple of weeks, cherry blossoms in the jr. high across the street will be starting blooming. Magnolia in our garden may ensue them. That is how spring is flourishing here.

It is how my parents might have appreciated the arrival of spring spending the last years of their lives. It is too short that we could enjoy it as the last movement of Das Lied von der Erde by Mahler sings. Too ephemeral to miss. I always wonder with what feeling they have seen these changes in this season. Has their belief in Christianity has relieved them?

Whatever I may get lost in this time of life, it still goes on as it is. Just accept it as it is. 

Anyway, it is the time lives are getting resurrected and vivid again. 


The 8th annniversary of the big earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident

It is the 8th anniversary of the big earthquake in Tohoku area and the subsequent nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima.

There are still more than 50K people evacuated from their home, of which 80% is from the nuclear power plant accident area. The disaster related deaths are not increasing in the other areas than Fukushima, where some people are steadily dying to the causes related with this disaster. The disaster related deaths are over 2000 in Fukushima. Quite some portion of those sufferers of the disaster in Fukushima won't be able to return to home during their lives. Literally, they are socially killed by this accident.

The nuclear power plant is far from the ultimate recovery from the accident. They could not reach and handle the melted down nuclear debris yet. There are much polluted water permeated into the ocean while the amount of the disseminated radioactive substances has been doubled last year compared with that 2 years ago. The accident could never be under control on the contrary to the words our PM spoke to attract the Olympic games to Tokyo. It may take decades to accomplish it.

It was estimated about 20 trillion Yen, that is, apx. 180 billion USD to recover from the nuclear power plant accident in the beginning. The most recent prediction rises up to 4 times of that. It will be a burden to the next generation, who would have much less reserve production capacity due to the decreased/aging population.

Buildings, seawalls and roads were reconstructed to certain degree. But there are people who have been left from the rescue and help by the government. The government should have not decided to hold the Olympic games next year and should have spent its budget fot those people who still need help. The budget for the Olympic games is mostly spent for the contractors, the advertizing agencies or the broadcasting companies. The policiticians are grabbing some bribery from them.

It is the day for us to recall all those people in our country. We should keep remembering of them and doing anything helpful to them. 


Withdrawal of hemodialysis

A recent news says that 20 patients with renal insufficiency who had required hemodialysis have refused to undergo that treatment at a public hospital in Tokyo for the past 5 years. It is of dispute whether the medical staff has given the right information as for the result of their decisions or not. And a patient who had decided not to take hemodialysis afterward wanted, as the news said, to restart the treatment. It did not come true and she has died in a day. Only little information has come out of the medical staff/hospital regarding this problem. The hospital affirmed that they had objectively explained the outcome of her decision. There seems to be an investigation being made as for this case.

Basically, I won't approve that any decision of the patient should be forced by medical staff or even law makers. I firmly believe that medical doctors should work as much as possible in order to save their patients' lives. It is a principle which should not be affected by anybody.

It is a reality, however, that the number of the patients with renal insufficiency is increasing as the aging is progressing in the society. It is nearly 360K at present. On the other hand, the hemodialysis apparatus is only 1/3 of the patients in number. It takes 4.5K US bucks per a patient per a year even despite of the modern progress of hemodialysis technology. With the increasing number of the patients, the medical staff might have much difficulty to do with them. The social security system, finance wise as well as man power wise, is challenged with the burden of more hemodialysis cases. 

The mass media is in a tone criticizing the medical staff/hospital for the case above mentioned. It should be clarified by any third party investigators if there has been any problem regarding the process of decision making by the patients. Meaningless emotional criticism against the medical system could destroy it easily since it is carrying on its work without much reserve capacity.


Meuniere of cod fish

Meuniere of cod fish. After starting cooking it, I knew there was less spinach necessary for this dish and hurried to a supermarket to buy it. Another busy evening.

While cooking cod fish, it has been fragmented to pieces. It won't matter the taste, though. Squeezing lemon, I have washed it carefully. I know carcinogenic anti mold agent could be mixed with wax on its surface. 

Pretty good one.

Talking of cod fish, I could not help recalling Cape Cod in Mass, where a good friend of mine, Jan, K5MA, used to live. He has attended a welcome reception for me Bill, K1YT, used to hold at his home in Stow Mass back in 1991. He passed away a year or two ago after having suffered from Alzheimer for years. Has he enjoyed this kind of dish in Cape Cod?