On the Olympic Games organizing committee

Sexism or discrimination against woman by the head of the Tokyo Olympic Games organizing committee is taken for a serious problem. Of course, it should be denounced severely and the chairman of the committee, Mori, should resign his position as soon as possible. He has been an incompetent politician but has been capable of coordinating with businesses etc. He has been sensitive to concessions. It was this Olympic Games where he and his supporter companies had found enormous concessions.  

His problem has been emphasized as the relic of the prewar ideology. The more serious problem is that he and his endorsing businesses have been seeking concessions with this world wide event. In the era of LA Olympic Games in '80s, Dentsu and a head of Adidas, the famous company of sporting goods, have established a company named ISL. Ever since, IOC has been changed to a commercialism organization pursuing as much as benefits from ths Olympic Games. Its stance is clearly against the Olympic Charter. Dentsu has been suspected to bribe IAAF executives to invite it to Tokyo. Dentsu is only an advertising agency but its business covers all over the world. It also controls the mass media through broadcasting advertisements and is influential on the national politics as well.  

Such corrupted organization of the Olympic Games should be liquidated once and be rebuilt after the Olympic Charter away from commercialism and aberrant nationalism. In our country, the countermeasures for COVID19 epidemic are being delayed. The vaccination is not started yet. I don't believe the Olympic Games could be held this summer at all. No other choice than halting it. At this chance, we should consider to reconstruct the Olympic Games committee.

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