After the first day of spring

According to our traditional calendar, it was the first day of spring 3 days ago. It is still getting quite cold in the evening and early morning. But it gets warmer in the daytime. The first storm of spring has blown from south yesterday, which was record early this year. Every plant will become lively very soon. 

This morning, in the mild atmosphere, I went out and plowed a corner of the yard. Of course, it is to make farm in spring. Plowing the soil, I have discarded garbage, the roots of weeds and stones. There had been leaf mold piled over the ground, which was mixed with the soil. It is ready for farming for now.

While working in the farm, I always wonder what vegetable I would plant there. It is a time of joy expecting the harvest. Tomatoes, potatoes and pumpkins will be the main this year. Last year, too many potatoes and pumpkins were harvested. I will send some to my brother/sister and friends if there is such big crop this fall.
This corner of the yard has been done with nothing. There were high acorn trees grown and a lot of weeds with bulbs. The trees were cut and the weeds were pulled away. There is this small land with fertile soil left in this corner of the yard. Without being cared for, it would turn to wild bush with trees grown in an unplanned manner again. But it would be beyond my ability and/or responsibility to keep it neat. So far as I could, I would go on caring for this tiny lot.
Brussels sprouts are ripe now. It will be the material for salad or soup soon.

Plants of garlic are growing as well. In a month or two, they will be harvested.

Spinach has gone through this severe weather in winter. Maybe, I should have covered with a sheet to protect them from cold weather. Without it, it is sure surviving.

Farming has made me sweat a bit for the first time this year. The work will keep me busy and active. It works well not only for my physical health but also for mental conditions. 


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