A supplement to the prior post

This morning, 15m has improved a bit. I could work a few staterssides. When I got a report, 439 to 559, from Jim KF7E, I knew I had better tie the ribbon then. He seldom gives me a report below 579 there.

I started practising cello. Scales in various tonalities. I am feeling this basic training more and more interesting. it is a priviledge of a string instrument player to make scale by ourselves. There are minute difference in scale according to the position and to the end of the scale, either for melody or for accord. I am still feeling lost in this vast world of music. But it is a fun for me to wander around there and to find something new to me.

The scale of keyboard instrument like piano is a kind of compromise. The equally tempered scale of modern keyboard is invented for smooth modulability, so far as I understand. Roughly speaking, there are two other scale systems as told above. What I would say is that the world of music is not perfect itself. Despite of the theoretically perfect outlook of music, it is "being failed" itself. This fact indicates, however, there is a real perfect world of music existing apriori somewhere, possibly, in the other world than this real one.

Whenever listening to the Art of Fugue, I feel I could hear the quintessence of music, perfect as well as imperfect. The surprisingly vast structure makes us feel almost dizzy at the perfect aspect of music, while the imperfect finish indicates the imperfect characteristics of music. The imperfect would suggest us there is a really perfect world apriori.

It is always difficult for me to discuss something philosophical. It is, however, what I feel for such music as the Art of Fugue. My effort for perfect music is endless or should be destined to be a failure. But I still make it.


The Art of Fugue

Gould is totally involved in the music. It seems as if he lived in the music itself. Music must have been his life, emotion, idea, religion and atmosphere. In the performance of the latter contrapunctus, he sung in low voice. He was wholly immersed in the world of this piece. 

I used to listen to this music, the Art of Fugue by Bach, performed with the organ at the chapel of the ICU in Tokyo when I was around 20 years old. For a young boy, it was a bit complicated piece. But I still remember how it had abruptly ended in unfinished manner. There has been much discussion about this finish as well. I was impressed this otherwise perfect piece had to be finished in this way. The world could never be perfect.

I often listen to this piece played by Juliard String Quartet before goint to bed. It sure soothes my mind telling me, despite of its imperfect outlook of the world, there is an order in the world governing ourselves. I don't need to worry too much even facing to absurdity and imperfection in the world as well as in myself. I feel I am relieved and encouraged in that way.

I have read Fugue means flying in Latin. Listening to this genre of music, we might feel we were looking our life and world with bird's eyes. A sense of a distance from the real world. I don't know why but sure feel it as that way.  


Supper tonight

I went for a barber this afternoon. It is a barber I used to go for The old couple has taken their only granddaughter to my office for treatment when she was a toddler. that girl has grown up and would take the entrance exam for some university next spring. The master has been, however, sick for several weeks. He seemed to be on gradual recovery. He is now in mid seventies. His wife has managed to do with the work for a while. I knew we could have such a trouble all of sudden any time ahead. I wished him quick recovery. Having had my hair cut there, I drove back home. Looking all the scenary I used to see casually on the way of commute to the office everyday.

I realized again I should take every moment of my life with family as precious and important thing.

The supper menue. Eggplant and the other vegetables with minced pork seasoned with mapo foreground. Saury with lemon, the 1st harvest this year, background. And a few other dishes. Boy, I have forgotten cooking rice!


CWT frequency range

It seems they have decided CWT frequency range to be moved to 28 through 38KHz from the bottom of the bands. It was thanks to WB6BEE Don's proposal to the CWops head. I would approve this decision. It is still the least way to cope with the problem.

But, in the CWops reflector, there are opposing opinions from some members. They say they have used the present frequency range for long time, so that they have a right to stay on the present one. The other says some operate on the frequency off the present range. The frequency range has little meaning as he says. It is not a problem of right or of the status quo. But the balance between CWT operators and the others is questioned.

I guess, judging from the number of QSOs most active participants achieve in each session, that is, less than 150, there are only 200 or, at most, 300 operators participating CWT. Non participants are much more in number all over the world, I believe, It is a question if the present situation this number of operators are occupying the bands for 3 hours every week is valid or not. At present, they occupy most frequently used portion of the bands. I could hardly approve that they could go on that occupation.

Some insist it is only for "3 hours" every Wednes day. We could scarcely enjoy ordinary QSOs before it starts. I have been messed up by big CWT participants' signals for number of times. It  made me hasten to finish QSOs. After experiencing such a mess for some times, I won't operate much on Wednes day now. In every week end, there is some kinds of contest going on somewhere in the world. In week ends, we must say, the conventional bands are not usable for ordinary QSOs. If the whole day of every Wednes day is regarded to be occupied by CWT, including the week end's contest, 3 days out of a week are spent by contesters. Is it fair? From the standpoint of the length CWT occupies the bands in a week, at least, the frequency range should be moved as it is decided this time. 

Contest activity on a certain plain week day every week is a novel idea. However, it is another question if it works good for the ham radio society or not.


Being a doctor.

I am a kind of timid. I hate seeing a doctor for health problem. I won't see him/her until I get a serious problem. When I have some health problem, I would consider of the possible cause for the problem. I am inclined to diagnose pessimistically by myself. So far, I haven't made correct diagnosis for myself yet.

About 20 years ago, when I worked at a hospital, I had a colleague doctor who had finished the postgraduate school specializing in Pathology. I wondered why he has returned to clinical medicine since Pathology is a basic medicine and has probably promised him a career as a researcher. He had taken days off for a few days. It didn't seem to be a vacation for him. When I came across with him in the hospital after his coming back, I asked what had happened to him. He answered to me, as if he had had nothing special, he got lung cancer with metastasis to brain. He seemed to have had chemo and radiation therapy. I fully understood what brought him back to the clinical work at the hospital away from his career as a researcher. He looked straight at me and told what stage of the illness he had been in. as if he introduced his case in conference to me.

It was me who had been surprised to hear that. What conflict has he had in his mind? It was beyond my imagination. He had worked there for a few years since I quit the hospital. So far as a person working with him told me later, he had worked until very last moment of his illness. In the end, he has been transferred from the hospital to a med school hospital on an ambulance car. He has given indications for the drip infusion to the personnel in the ambulance car by himself.

When I heard of this story, I wondered what a job a medical doctor should go on for. It is really a hard job, not only physically but also mentally. He has worked hard for his patients; I have heard he was a doctor of capability and was relied on by his patients. He has had own such a problem, which he must have known what outcome he could expect. Curtailing his own life, he has worked hard for them. I wonder his knowledge of the ultimate outcome has relieved him or has strained him. It might he;p him to prepare for that. But, seemingly, no relief to him, I guess.

I wonder if I could live at the last moment of life as he did in his life. Being a medical doctor, we might have the bright side as well as the dark gloomy side in our lives. It might be a Karma for doctors. Hopefully, I would accept it as it is.


Longing for Shinshyu

Shinshyu, that is, the old name of Nagano Prefecture, is a fascinating place to me.

In my teen age days, I often visited a relative there every summer. The family was a farmer typical for the high land in Shinshyu. Warmhearted people. An old house with strawy roof. There was a brook running beside the house. Time was slowly passing. I have enjoyed walking around and even trekking the mountains there with their children.

Later, when I entered the medical university, I had the summer camp of the orchestra at a resort in the end of August for some times. I have posted here some photos of that area last summer. By the end of August, I could feel the earliest fall over there. Cool breeze was running down from the mountain. It has trembled the trees in front of the hall where the orchestra was practising. The sunray filtering through those trees was sparkling on the floor. So beautiful and impressive.

Whenever I recall of that camp, this tune comes in my mind. Menuet in Petite Suite by Debussy. It was a piece we were practising at that time.

Don't you feel that cool breeze in this tune?
I  still yearn for Shinshyu. When could I return there?


For the anniversary of the defeat in WWII

Around the anniversary of the defeat of our country in WWII, that is, 3 days ago, there have been a number of programs in the mass media regarding the day. Most of them concerned about the damages and the victims in Japan due to the war. For example, the damages by the atomic bombs in two cities or the massive bombing in various parts of the country. So many people were injured or killed. Many people have suffered from that experience for years after the war. It deserves recalling that experience and telling the history to the young people.

It is, however, unfair only to recall the war as an event where we, Japanese, remain as sufferers. It is not only our government or the japanese military which has started and carried on the war. Most of the people delightedly accepted the war and compelled our government to carry on and extend it, even though the mass media was partly responsible for misleading them. In the neighbor countries, we have caused massive damages and large number of victims. In China, the number of the victims during the WWII is estimated from 10 to 20 millions while it is 3 millions in Japan. We should recall those who suffered much damage and lost their lives over there.

We were not only the sufferers but also the invaders to the neighbor countries. This defect in understanding the own history may be closely related with biased recognition of the responsibility for the war. Since the cold war has started as soon as the WWII was over, the responsibility for the war was not thoroughly investigated at all. The bureaucracy and the emperor system should have been seriously questioned at that time. The US has taken advantage of them to govern our country.

A portion of conservative politicians and bureaucrats have survived in the
postwar period. Their obedience to the US enabled them to remain as the ruling class in the society. They are now trying to recover their historical identity with the revisionism for the modern history. The feeling of being victimized in the people is, in my view, closely related with this anachronism in a portion of the ruling people.

For the past few days, this thought has occupied my mind.


QRP Code of Conduct; A Draft

I am often called by QRP guys. Some are very excellent operators while the other are "impossible" operators. Imagine I am making despairing effort to copy what the QRP guy is telling to me. It is a real strain to my ears as well as to my brain. With excellent operators, I am honored to make a QSO. What should I say for those impossible ones? From my experience, I have made a draft of QRP Code of Conduct.

QRP Code of Conduct;
Send message in as simple and short manner as possible.
Imagine how your signal reaches the other side. You should grasp the cindition and the difference of set ups between yours and the others. Imagine and concentrate on what the other expects you to send.
Omit /QRP in your identification. /QRP is only your self satisfaction.


Much water has flown under the bridge

I always enjoy seeing old friends on the radio after a long absence. It was such a night today. I fell asleep in the shack as soon as finishing supper. Don't ask me how I was asleep here! Anyway, getting up around 1 AM, as a regular habit, I switched on the radio and found 20m was open to the West Coast.

I had calls from 3 guys in a row. The 1st one was Jim N6JC near Sacramento, whom I had met in person here. He used to visit here in a week end more than 10 years ago. It was a short visit but an enjoyable one. We have worked often on 40m for a while. But, losing the antenna for 40m, he has not been active on 40m for a few years. He told me how he had been doing. A lot of flight on a plane and a lot of family affairs.

The 2nd one was another Jim NN6EE in the Bay area. He used to be WB6BBC in '60s and regularly showed up on 40m those days. He told me he and his wife would move to a place along the coast in Oregon. The main reason was the high cost of living in the Bay area, as he said. I wished them a good luck for the new life over there.

The last one was Bob AA7CT in Seaside Oregon. Actually, I could not remember having worked him but he told me it had been 1981 when we first met. He seemed to have my QSL with his hand. He asked if I was still at the dormitory of a med school hospital where I had started radio again. I told him I had moved here my birth place in mid '80s. He seemed to have upgraded his ticket to the extra and is getting active on the radio again.

Really much water has flown under the bridge since I worked each of them. While listening to them, I remembered what had happened to me and to my family for the years. It is a good time for me to recall the past in this way. Thanks to all of the guys whom I met this evening.

It is just a memo for remembrance. I should hit the sack...I should get back on 20m at midnight when the band is open to the West Coast. It won't last long.


Rose of Sharon

It was the first day of fall a couple of days ago. Even though it is getting burning hot in the daytime, it is fairly cool in the evening here now. It is breezy in the garden.
This is Rose of Sharon. An elegant flower tree. When it comes out, fall is not very far. My father used to plant the same kind of tree in my office yard. While working at the outpatient clinic, I could enjoy the delicately white flowers of that tree.
At a bible class I was attending to in my teen age days, I was taught by a guest from Korea it had been the national flower in Korea. I thought it surely represented the history full of hardship in his country. 
Anyway, it comes out this time of a year when many people mourn for the victims in the WWII. It also lets me remember of my father who passed away 10 years ago.


Chicken cooked with summer vegetables seasoned with rice vinegar

The theme tells almost everything. Seasoning was with sweet sake, sesami oil and soy sauce in addition to rice vinegar. Vinegar tastes good in this hot season. It also reduces the amount of soy sauce added, that is, contributing to less salt.


Two kinds of busters

Recently, I often come across strange operators of two genres when I call CQ.

The first is those who send "?" as soon as I finish calling CQ. It might mean they could not get my call, so that they want me to repeat my call. Or do they want to know if I am calling CQ. Unfortunately, even if I call CQ again, they always won't give me a call. They should listen to me patiently until I repeat CQ. Their "?" could disturb me copying the others' weak signal on the background. I often ask those what "?" means etc. But I never get any replies from them. I am afraid they have too much "?" in their brain and may need consultation to a shrink head doctor.

The other genre is those who start a QSO before I reply to them. This kind of busters is not proliferating so much yet. However, I have never encountered those for my experience on the radio for over half a century. He/she always courteously begins a QSO in ordinary manner. When I am psychologically ready to do with such people, I am courteous enough to reply him/her as if there was nothing unusual going on. I am inclined, however, not to answer those operators. Because starting a QSO in this manner may convince them that this style is valid. It could disturb the CQ caller's activity.

I know those won't bear evil will toward me. They still commit mistakes and disturb the normal formality in  CW operation. It won't be my intention to hurt them but I won't reply to them at all for now. 


Japanese Morse code

With this burning heat wrapping in this area, it was impossible for me to go out for gardening. I was kept in the shack airconditioned. The conditions on the higher bands were pretty lousy for overseas. When calling CQ on 40m, I was called by an old friend of mine, Tsukida JA9FNC. He is a retired school teacher. On the photo in the internet, I knew, he has had his hair totally grayed for now.

I used to talk to him often when I operated from mobile in japanese Morse code. About 25 years ago, I went to see him with a friend of mine and our elder son. Having stayed at a small hotel in Shinshyu, we headed to his home. Without a GPS those days, he has lead us to there with 40m CW. Through Norikura heights, we drove on the highway to his area. Driving a manual shift car, I went on ragchewing on CW. What an adventure! In an hour or two, we safely arrived there.

He told me he and his group would hold a meeting for Japanese Morse code lovers at his city in fall of the next year. He kindly invited me there. Even though it has been some years since I quit operating in that code, I felt I would like to visit there to see him and a few old friends in fall next year.

There are less hams operating in Japanese Morse code nowadays. Most of them are getting older as well. That code was alive until 1990s in the commercial communication, espcecially for the fisher ships abroad. The radio operators aboard on such ships were the preservers of this mode.

When they quit their job replaced by satellite communications, some of them came into ham radio and activated communications by this code. I used to talk to such people from time to time. Some of them sent very unique code using bug keys, which were not very friendly to the beginners of ham. There were cranky hams who boast their skill in that code as well. It was one reason why the beginners hated to practise this code.

I believe, however, only this code enables us, Japanese, to express things in precise and delicate way, even though it could never be a lingua franca in CW world at all. The culture should be delivered to some young generation. Even though I haven't been very active on this mode, it might be the time for me to join in this precious culture of communication again.