Farming not a hobby but a way for survival in the near future

Without being conscious of that, the garden farm has kept me quite busy. Working for an hour or two in a session and a break between sessions. Later in the afternoon, I go for shopping grocery and/or prepare for the evening meal. A day passes so quickly. 

German and Japanese Irises are in full bloom. They have proliferated at various places in the property. There are deep purple ones at the other place in front of the house my parents used to live. Their color is unforgettable... even though I have forgotten taking their photo this year. Roses and other flowers are starting to come out. They may given us pleasure being with them during the coming summer.    

The same kind of flowers along the entrance. The lawn is half replaced by weeds. I should hustle to mow them and hopefully plant, actually transplant, fresh lawn there in this summer. It will be a hard and big project. I have purchased a motor driver hand held mower. Imagine, carrying it, this old man is cutting the lawn under stinging sunray. It is a work for me. 

Various beans have been harvested and used for material of dishes. A couple of dozens of onions are also ripened. Potatoes are growing as well. Two kinds. One for growth in spring and the other for spring/fall. Hundreds of potatoes will be cropped. Sweet potatoes and other vegetables are going to grow next. 

This is a melon seedling. For the past weeks, it could get even cold at night, which is not favorable to it. I have enclosed it with a vinyl bag like this in order to avoid the damage from the cold atmosphere. I have done the same thing for water melon and pumpkin seedlings when they are small. 

As reiterated in this blog, the world is going to suffer from inflation and food deficit. It may cause serious problems in the society of developing countries. Sadly, so does it in our country. Foods are getting more expensive since last fall. The effect of the war in Ukraine may become a fact in this fall, they say. Our country depends on import of not only foods but also materials of fertilizers and forage for livestock. Possible deficit of the latter may make it quite difficult for our country to convert dependence on import to farming crops by ourselves. Organic or natural farming without chemicals could not yield so much crop as we have right now even if it could be realized. On going inflation and drop of the value of our currency in the market won't let us go on depending on import any longer. Even if foods are available in the fall and after, they may cost so much that we have never experienced in the past, I am afraid.

Unfortunately, our government is not serious at the problem. They are focusing on expansion of armaments. Mass media are informing about it from time to time. But it is not widely shared by the people. They are approving the plan for increasing armament budget. But they don't care for where the budget comes from. Further issuing deficit financing bonds and/or reduced budget for social welfare. 

All those mess will show up before us by this fall. I have never expected experiencing such a mess in my life. All I could do is to prepare for that as much as I can. Farming is not a hobby any longer but my own work to shield ourselves from the disaster. Am I too pessimistic? 

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