A pirate in the East Coast and a factor which determines ham radio activity

 Yesterday, Don WB6BEE has sent me an e mail with a couple of photos. One was his new shack in the basement. No radio yet. But it could be a storage of a lot of radios. The only issue for him is how to set an outdoor antenna. I am sure he will get it done soon.

The other photo showed the map of signals his skimmer had received. He said it had captured "my signal" on 40m. Strange enough. It was when I was not on. "My signal" was too loud at the skimmers in the East Coast. And I could never carry on such QRS as 17WPM "my signal" sender was going with. Evidently, it was my pirate possibly in the East Coast.

Nowadays, very few are enjoying the ordinary old fashioned QSOs. But there are still such pirates pretending even me. I sure would like to see "me" and to ask if "he" could put up with such slow sending/receiving for his navigation speed. I am too short tempered to stay slow in that way.       

With Done gone away from Colo. to Va., 7026 KHz has become more empty than ever. He used to hang out there in his early morning hours before going for morning walk. There were quite some guys gathering on that spot around him. Without him, that spot sounds like a candle that is about to extinguish its fire. The over all activity in ham radio, especially in this small world of CW, might be determined by such a guys' activity. It must be important to have someone like him activate certain spot on the bands. 


  1. Yes indeed. From my lonely Faraday cage in 9V it was always great to QSO with Don. Usually the conditions were poor but a few times we had a good chat. I hope he enjoys the new QTH. He should get more EU there, but less Asia, unfortunately for us.

    1. Faraday cage made me laugh a lot! Yes, the East Coast is a neighbor to Eu. He may enjoy a lot of chats with the gang there. "A core guy" like Don is necessary to make bands activated in fact. I have been trying to do that role. But my water pistol has not good enough. Or my personality? I am feeling short breathed to do that. Anyway, HNY and good health through the pandemic there to you and yours.

    2. Happy New Year OM, see you on the air.