In really full bloom

 Magnolia is in really full bloom now. As if shining in the background of blue sky.

In close up view. 

The same scene comes up every spring. It still touches me a lot. No words to admire it. Spring is coming earlier by a couple of weeks this year. 

I have been busy plowing the tiny farms by hand. Together with pulling the weeds, it is a pretty good exercise for me. After the soil being neutralized with bitter lime, some compost and fertilizer are given and half cut potatoes are planted. So far about 20 of them are ready to bud in a few days. Some more will be added in the other farms soon.

Recently, I have given up taking beer which has been fun thing early in the evening. In addition to working hard in the farm, I have lost weight a little bit.

In next month, a lot of the other vegetables will be planted. Working in the farm makes me physically as well as mentally healthier.  

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