Why our leaders could not cease the WWII earlier

On Aug 15, the day of defeat in our country in WWII, NHK TV has made a program regarding the reason why our country had not been able to decide ceasing war earlier before the devastation occured in Okinawa or in Hiroshima etc.

Recently, they say, a number of telegrams sent to the mother ministries those days by a few military officers at the embassies in UK or Switzerland have been found. Those telegrams have informed them that Soviet Union would join the war against Japan. They were dated from early 1945. It means, at least, the ministry of army or of navy used to know what Soviet Union intended to by that time on the contrary to the present historical view that the leaders had not known of Soviet Union's attack plan until they attacked the northern part of China. The ministry of foreign affairs etc went on planning to ask Soviet Union to mediate with the allied countries for peace negotiations until very end of the war. The minister of army went on expressing aggressive attitude toward the enemies while there were movements toward to the peace negotiations in the ministry of navy etc. The former has had louder voice in the conference where a variety organization leaders discussed on the perspective and strategy of the war. It was based on the fanatic young officers in the ministry of army those days. The latter was crossed out by the higher personel who won't do anything without same kind of precedent events.

The army and the navy were the ultimate form of bureaucracy. The bureaucracy could not realize what went on in the reality nor could do with what happened to even in the crisis. The sectionalism, the self centered idea  and the rigid way of thinking to rule out anything precedent events had not covered. These characteristics of bureaucracy have ruined our country in that way in 1945.

In my opinion, this rigid system has been projected onto the present bureaucracy in our country. In reality, under GHQ governing our country after WWII, the bureaucracy system was taken over and was utilized for governing by GHQ. At present, the bureaucracy won't do anything even facing to the issue of the nuclear power plant generation, the deflation in the economy, the big earth quake and tsunami events and so forth. They seem to be eager only to preserve own system.

Again, I believe, thorough as well as fundamental reformation for the bureaucracy is unavoidable to go through this serious situation. We should clarify what and who was responsible for the WWII as well in relation with this issue. The process our country went on in the end of the war, despite of the devastating damages, has become the foundation of our country later on. But it won't recur for the present crisis.

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