Until that time

Forgetfulness is often inevitable to most of us when we get aged. In pathological condition, it is diagnosed as dementia by gerontologist. We should be ready for that when we reach certain age.

In ham radio, some aged people operate in so called rubber stamp style. No comment to those who used to talk to him on the radio in the past. I am afraid it is a symptom of dementia in some cases. I could not forget a famous ham in Hawaii, who used to be an intelligent ham with worldwide fame, operated in that style in his last years. The operation was perfect with a keyboard but lacked anything human. I won't blame him at all. But it could be due to dementia. He might try to get in touch with the past in that way even though his memory was totally lost. It is a sad fact but a reality.

We might see someone on the air, whom we have known well and shared the fond memory together. But he or she might not show any interest to you and might go on rubber stamped QSOs to anybody including us. We should leave that situation quietly just with our fond memories of the QSOs in the past which light brightly in our mind.

And we, ourselves, should be careful for that problem. We could suffer from that in the future. Maybe, some intellectual activities may slow down its progress. Reading, listening music or any social activities etc. Stimulation to our brain in various ways may be of some help.

Lastly, we should be ready for the time of dementia for ourselves. We could be helpless in that situation and may need someone's help. In that case, I would close down my station. I won't make sadden my friends realizing that I have lost memories of my friendship to them. I would tell my family to do so for me and for my friends.

Until that time, I would go on enjoying this hobby most human in the world.

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