A peculiar manner of calling

There are  a number of CW operators calling someone in a peculiar manner. They send only own call for onece or, at most, twice. It seems those in this style is increasin in number. It frustrates me a lot.

One reason is that it is not only legitimate according to our law, which tells us to give the other's call before own call, but also not very courteous. I feel as if called, all of sudden, by an unfamiliar person.

From practical standpoint, I am not always assured to be called by that guy in that manner. When the band condition is good, there could be another calling CQ on the same spot or close to me and the guy could call him. Or there could be a pile up spreading to my spot. And the guy was in the caller group who started calling at the same time.

This phenomenon may be related with contesting habit. In contests, they are trained to call with only own call. I have ever experienced doubled QSOs at the same time in contests. Not so often but not so rare. When I call someone with own call only, not only the guy but also another one close or on the spot answer me at the same time. Eventually, I could make two QSOs at the same time. Ridiculous.

And those guys calling in this manner always finish their message with "BK" in each transmission and the content is limited to 599QSL style. I hate it.

I sincerely hope this bad habit should be shut out soon. Or we might be "in contest" all the time. Then it is the time I put my key away into a junk box.

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