The season "Obon" has been over. It is the few days in the mid of August. We accept the souls of our ancestors in this season. It is based on Bhuddism but has been influenced by the local native religion and manipulated by the government in the era of Edo. "Obon" means a dish to serve foods to the souls of the ancestors.

It is actually the time of summer vacation for the people. A large number of people move from the big cities to their home town in the countryside. There have been long rows of cars on the high ways leading to countrysides. There have been so many passengers in trains bound for countrysides as well. It is a time for family reunion. They visit to the temples or the graveyard. They worship their ancestor's grave there. It is a kind of ceremony to identify ourselves belonging to certain local area and people. It is a religious as well as a self identifying event for us.

I am in a countryside where my mother's ancestors used to be. No need to go down to hometown in this season. It is when I do shopping at the supermarket nearby that it is the time of "Obon" arriving. There are more number of people purchasing many foods and some flowers. The latte is for the grave they visit. They might have pleasant family reunion in the evening.

And it is the time they head back to their homes in the cities now. They start normal routine tomorrow or the day after.

As for our family, our daughter came back to the apartment near her university. No other kids at home. I would prepare evening meal for my wife and myself. A quiet and peaceful life starts again.

It is not so far from fall for now.

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