Latest news on our old friends

Three friends' latest news.

Gary W0CGR;
I  heard from Red K5ALU when staying Seattle that Gary went through the chmeo for his esophageal cancer. The side effect occurred on his hands. He could not use the paddle. He may get in touch with the others through email. I have sent his a post mail. But no reply so far.

Peggy K5DQ;
Even since she lost her husband Don K5CA recently, she has been doing well, as Tom K5AX told me. Tom has put up a multiband dipole for her. We might expect hearing her fist again soon.

Tim VK3IM;
A source told me he was getting back on the air only on 30m. He is still in difficulty. Let's look for this great CW operator on that band.

As time goes on, there are many things happening to us. Let's keep in touch anyway.

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