Rice cooked with chestnut

Fruit such as perssimon or chestnut is not in a good harvest this year. Each fruit is smaller than usual. It may be due to the long lasted rain in this summer.

It is still the time of harvest. We have a pretty big chestnut tree, which was again planted by my father almost 30 years ago. The main trunk is about 30cm in diameter. It bears so many chestnuts that it is hard for us to do with them every fall. I found many chestnuts fallen on the ground today.

I have collected basketfull chestnuts this afternoon. Despite of the small size, each fruit seems well ripened.
What shall I do with them? There won't be any other recipe than rice cooked with chestnut, Rice was cooked with soy sauce, sake, sweetened sake and salt. The rest of chestnuts was stored in refrigerator.


The 3.5th anniversary of the big earth quake and the nuclear power plant accident in Tohoku

There have been over 130K people evacuated from Fukushima due to the nuclear power plant accident . They have planned house construction there. In 3.5 years, only 11% of the planned houses have built. In the other prefectures, ths situation is almost the same. Too slow. The evacuees have socially killed with their houses, jobs, communities and even family members lost. It was 3.5th anniversary of the big earthquake in Tohokuand the TEPCO Fukushima nuclear power plant accident yesterday.

We should never forget them.


The day of the harvest moon

It is the day of the harvest moon here in Japan. We celebrate the arrival of harvest season with bean jam bun on this day.

Without any relationship with it, I have made a dish of chicken with root vegetable and carrot seasoned with balsamic vinegar. Having toasted the day with a glass of beer, I am waiting for my wife coming home.


Beef stewed in red wine seasoned with rosemary

It was a special dinner for our daughter's coming home and my wife's birthday. The latter is a week ahead. Anyway, the reason to cook this one is not important. I could get a bulk of beef.  There was a bottle of red wine which we scarcely take. These are reasons enough to start with this recipe.

Pretty good. Though my wife has praised the cooked potato before mentioning of the beef! Anyway, the beef was so tender that once it was in our mouth, it went melted quickly. Red wine has brought something flavorful in the background.

I wonder if I should replace it to simple steak next time when I could get such bulky beef.


Would you join us for dinner?

Chicken and vegetables cooked with tomato and basil sauce. Fairly good success. Chicken cooked with tomato was one of, or I should say, the only speciality dish for my wife when both of us served residency at a med school hospital. We have invited a few colleague doctors to our small resident dorm there and provided that dish with white wine. It was the days of our honey moon. Possibly listening to the songs for baritone, we have enjoyed tasty chicken at our dining room.
Recalling that dinner, I have made this one. The background music was the Concert D major by Chausson. pretty good as I wrote. The only problem is that I have made too much like the photo below. I wonder if anyone would come here with a knife and a fork as our guest. A big dish will be served for you.


A supplement to the prior post

This morning, 15m has improved a bit. I could work a few staterssides. When I got a report, 439 to 559, from Jim KF7E, I knew I had better tie the ribbon then. He seldom gives me a report below 579 there.

I started practising cello. Scales in various tonalities. I am feeling this basic training more and more interesting. it is a priviledge of a string instrument player to make scale by ourselves. There are minute difference in scale according to the position and to the end of the scale, either for melody or for accord. I am still feeling lost in this vast world of music. But it is a fun for me to wander around there and to find something new to me.

The scale of keyboard instrument like piano is a kind of compromise. The equally tempered scale of modern keyboard is invented for smooth modulability, so far as I understand. Roughly speaking, there are two other scale systems as told above. What I would say is that the world of music is not perfect itself. Despite of the theoretically perfect outlook of music, it is "being failed" itself. This fact indicates, however, there is a real perfect world of music existing apriori somewhere, possibly, in the other world than this real one.

Whenever listening to the Art of Fugue, I feel I could hear the quintessence of music, perfect as well as imperfect. The surprisingly vast structure makes us feel almost dizzy at the perfect aspect of music, while the imperfect finish indicates the imperfect characteristics of music. The imperfect would suggest us there is a really perfect world apriori.

It is always difficult for me to discuss something philosophical. It is, however, what I feel for such music as the Art of Fugue. My effort for perfect music is endless or should be destined to be a failure. But I still make it.


The Art of Fugue

Gould is totally involved in the music. It seems as if he lived in the music itself. Music must have been his life, emotion, idea, religion and atmosphere. In the performance of the latter contrapunctus, he sung in low voice. He was wholly immersed in the world of this piece. 

I used to listen to this music, the Art of Fugue by Bach, performed with the organ at the chapel of the ICU in Tokyo when I was around 20 years old. For a young boy, it was a bit complicated piece. But I still remember how it had abruptly ended in unfinished manner. There has been much discussion about this finish as well. I was impressed this otherwise perfect piece had to be finished in this way. The world could never be perfect.

I often listen to this piece played by Juliard String Quartet before goint to bed. It sure soothes my mind telling me, despite of its imperfect outlook of the world, there is an order in the world governing ourselves. I don't need to worry too much even facing to absurdity and imperfection in the world as well as in myself. I feel I am relieved and encouraged in that way.

I have read Fugue means flying in Latin. Listening to this genre of music, we might feel we were looking our life and world with bird's eyes. A sense of a distance from the real world. I don't know why but sure feel it as that way.