Fall sun sets quickly

To have sushi for lunch for a change, I went to the coast area. It took me an hour and a half to drive there. Even though hunger made me pull up at a sushi bar on the way there. 

It was a very familiar road from here to the coast. I used to drive there many times when our family was young. It was a way to get away from the routine at the dorm home where things were messed. Picking up a milk bottle and diapers, I was heading to the coast with my wife and our older son. Later, older son and wife were taken over to my mother and our daughter, who loved driving out very much.

Driving along the coast and playing somewhere like an aquarium, we headed back home on the same road before it got dark. My mother used to tell me the same saying that the sun sets quickly in the fall as if a water bucket falls fast into a well. When my mother was young, they took water with a bucket from well. That saying had been real to her. 

Years have passed since those days. It was, however, only a moment. Our lives will pass in a moment. I should appreciate every day as it is. No need to get irritated or to worry anything. Time will go away as it was when mother was alive. 



Forty is picking up

Forty meters is getting really quiet in our late afternoon through evening. I was called by Rol K3RA in MD before sunset. Still pretty weak but surely the short path was open to the East Coast. It won't be too long before I could hear old friends in that area.

A couple of guys, Bob W7BV and Guy N7YK, gave me call later. Bob woke up early while Guy stayed up joining CQP until 3 AM there. I have had Bob visiting our home years ago. He is a retired professor in physiology. In his last visit to Japan, he has spent several hours here in his busy schedule. Hopefully, he could be here again next year.

Guy told me he was practicing CW after a period of absence. He has had decent fist on CW. he seemed pleased to hear of my compliment to his CW.

Both QSOs with them were really enjoyable. These QSOs are what I have had in the past but scarcely experience these days. With hope such an old timer like them would turn on 40 meters at their sleepless night, I am still going on calling CQ there.  


A memorable wedding

It was the wedding day of my dear violinist friend yesterday. It was held in a famous shrine in Nikko, named Futa-arasan shrine. Slightly couldy and warm day. The best climate for such an event.

The ceremony has started at a bridge. I don't think it was the routine style of the ceremony in Shinto. Since a river was running in front of the shrine, they might have invented that ceremony. I know there is no systematic dogma in this religion. In Shinto, everything in the nature could be their gods. Anyway, the couple went over the bridge named Shinkyou, that is, God's bridge after Shinto priest, where we followed them. There were a number of tourists looking at us from the street along the river.

They have showed up on a traditional rickshaw. Being produced this way, it was a real show. The couple was taken for photo and the tourists were clapping hands to them. Of course, they must intended to celebrate this couple but I could not help feeling they were looking at them with the eyes toward some kind of rare show on the street.

Smiling at the attendees, they walked to the bridge.

They started crossing it. Moments to take photo were prepared everywhere.

The bridge. It may not be too old. The rock and trees on the riverside look old and engender the religious atmosphere.

The river flowing under the bridge, named Ohya river. A few kilometers upstream, there is a hospital where I used to work as a part time when I was a resident. Staying there over night as an ER doctor, I ran back to the hospital of med school early in the morning. In mid winter, the road was frozen and very slippery. The memory of those days have come up in my mind.

The shrine was pretty old. There is a tomb of the shogun in Edo era beside this shrine and has been closely related with it.

The entrance road to the main building of the shrine from the street. The cedar trees along it must be a few hundred years old.

The wedding ceremony in the shrine. A few ceremonies in stereotype. The priest has decreed some message as if he had sung it. Nothing understandable to me. I wondered if anyone could understand it. It was an extreme formalism. It may make us feel we are "blessed" with something good to us by this formalism. I could hardly believe it was a real religion. It is not my intention to criticize Shinto. But in the end, the priest has greeted us with understandable modern Japanese and has advertised us how profitable it is to worship this shrine. Only profits in this world. 

The wedding party was held at a restaurant next to the shrine. A really enjoyable party. The friends of them have made good speeches for them. The couple have stated their thanks to their parents recalling the past with photos on the slides. I have told in the speech what I have learned from her. Enjoying music together as typically expressed in the breathing Einsatz in the beginning of tunes. She always gave us a sign of starting music with deep inspiration. It sounded like saying let's sing together and let's enjoy our lives together. It was not only a sign but a philosophy of attitude toward music as well as life. For the past 15 years, she has been kind enough to make my life pleasant with a number of chances of ensemble. I know how much effort she has made for music. i could not help respecting her as a musician and as a human being as well. My mind was full of thanks to her. Her husband is a honest and pleasant guy  I am sure they will build a happy and open minded family toward the others. They have played a duo of menuet by Beethoven. A great couple duo!

I have played the Swan by Saint Saens. Her sister, another violinist, has thumbed up when I finished it and went to the stage side. But I don't know how well I have done and how the people has enjoyed it. Maybe, they have had too much alcohol to listen to me haha. 

Before getting dark, even though the party was not over, I headed back to my home. It took me almost a couple of hours. Boy, I was lost on the way! I felt how old I had become again.

At night, this violinist friend has given me a mail of thanks. What a sweet girl! I felt as if I had had my own daughter married. 


The VW case

The emission problem of VW cars seems to make the company confront to very difficult situation.

Any reformed application for controlling the engine may trade off the motion performance of the car. The customers won't agree with that. It is not practical to exchange the engines to newly developed ones for total 11 million cars.

The only possibility is buying back all the sold cars. Buying  back all of them may cost over one hundred million USD if they pay half of the prices. I wonder if VW could put up with this financial burden.

This event showed how risky it is to sell items with the same parts and spec all over the world. Once such a problem as this VW case occurs, it may give them astronomical monetary burden.

Considering of the stern competition for better emission or gas mileage of automobiles, I am afraid there could be such a case of corruption in this business field as this VW case. I am afraid the engineers on charge of designing may be too much tempted to alter such an application for apparently better performance.

Either will be a thorny road

Our government has issued 152 trillion yen last year, that is, approx. 1.27 trillion USD, of which 70% was bought by BOJ. Isn't it the monetization of the national bond?

This drastic QE continued by the present cabinet was told to cause mild inflation and to get out of the deflation. It has not been achieved. Only asset bubble seems to go on.

If they stop this QE at some moment, it will be the time the national bond won't be bought in the market, resulting in the slump of the national bond.

If they go on this QE, there will be the hyperinflation causing destruction of the economy in Japan.

Either way is a thorny road for us.


Impoverishment of ham radio.

It is the same kind of complaints or rather deep disappointment for the modern trend of CW operations, which I have repeated here many times. Omit reading this post if you feel unhappy to.

As the condition for NA was disappointing to me on the higher bands this morning, having a faint hope for ordinary QSO, I came down to 40m and tried to work some JAs. A HL and a JA  have called me. What they have sent to me was "only report" or "report plus name". Hasty QSOs with use of BK in the end of transmissions. Not in QRS. Apparently, they were just collecting QSLs.

The higher portion of 40m was occupied by contesters. Wow, two domestic contests are being held in a chain. Has it become a dream to enjoy ordinary QSOs?

What has brought this reality to CW world? I believe two factors might be involved in it.

One is that they are not trained to do the ordinary QSO. Maybe, lack of training of head copy and/or linguistic limit. Both could be overcome with training and learning. It is a good chance for them to make ordinary QSOs. It seems, however, they are satisfied with such hasty rubberstamp QSOs.

We, or at least I, used to have an intense desire to communicate with hams oversea when we started ham radio. It seems to have been lost. CW has become a tool to collect QSLs or to compete in contests. Even CW clubs are oriented to this way. What a terrible impoverishment!

On the background of this trend, there seems another more profound problem. They may not want to be involved in the others. They don't want to know what the others think, hope and feel etc. What they want to make is a very superficial relationship with the others. It is the relationship of Ich und Es as Martin Buber described, as I quoted in this blog before. What a desolate world it would be!

Maybe, I have hoped for something CW world could not offer to me. It may not be too far when I quit this hobby, I felt.  


Worth of having lived in my way

Not so often, but I still reflect how I have lived as a pediatrician, or how I have lived as a human being through the profession. Have I done my best at study as well as at work? Hasn't there been anything I could do better for the patients? These questions come on in my mind from time to time as if a tune of basso continuo in my life.

Last night, my wife has handed me a lovely envelope. In the envelope, a letter written in a faltering way apparently from a little girl was foound. She has signed as Asuka for her first name. I could not read her family name. She might be around 5 years old. In addition to drawing some portraits and a building, she wrote my name and the name of a supermarket which I often went for shopping on the way back home in the evening. Have I met her over there? A strap of lovely tiny character was attached to it. This might be her treasure. I have a vague memory I got this from a little girl at the out patient clinic. I might have brought it to home and have totally forgotten it. 

She might want to write something to anyone with her knowledge of letters she had just learned recently. It might accidentally have been me that she would write to. Yet, she might have had some fond memory with me. Or she won't have written it and handed it to me at the clinic together with her treasure. This idea has wrapped my mind with something warm. 

It may sound like an exaggeration but I still felt, thanks to her mail, it had been worthy having lived as a pediatrician, as Soprano sings in the 4th movement in the 2nd symphony of Mahler. No fame nor academic career I got. But an idea, her having fond memories of me, made my mind full of happiness. It is worth of having lived in my way.

O glaube: : Du wardst nicht umsonst geboren!
Hast nicht umsonst gelebt, gelitten!