Shrimp and vegetables seasoned with nam pla

Shrimp and various vegetables were seasoned with nam pla and oyster sauce. Pretty good. A new recipe for me.

The government aiming to have our country to be that of merchant of death.

In this April, out government has decided to permit the armaments industry to export some of their products, which had been strictly banned since the end of WWII.

Now the government is subsidizing them. It seems our government has given up the respectable position as a pacifist country in the international society. It has turned our country to that of merchant of death.

Together with the use of the collective defence right abroad, this decision should have our country confronted the risk of terrorism. It seems the government would trad the economical benefit of the armament industry with the peace of the people as well as the position of the country of pacifism.

Of course, the politicians in the government will get kick backs from the companies involved in this export.  What a shame and disgrace! When will the people learn about such a diathesis of the present government? I wonder if they won't realize it until they have any damage or victims.


The QE is a total failure.

The QE by BOJ is aimed to prevent the price of the natl bond from falling down. Most of the money from QE is deposited at the checking account of BOJ, not circulating in the market. It is monetization of the debt but not a financial policy to activate our economy at all.

It will be followed by the severe inflation like after WWII. The people was not informed about it. They are deceived of this fact by the government and the mass media.

The real wages as well s the GDP have been declining for some time. It means our economy is in the process of recession. The budget for civil engineering construction is not actually increased, as the government insists. Our budget has no room to increase that item. It was operated with replacement of items in the budget.

The QE will aggravate the injury to the economy when it collapses. It is not the question if it would occur but when it would occur is the question.


The time of hibernation.

It is close to the winer solstice even on the air. The path to DX is open mainly that to south from here. Not very good for the paths over the arctic areas.

Early in the evening yesterday, I could hear the QRS net in VK on 40m. I have made a short QSO with the boss Garry VK4YA. The others were hardly copiable here. It seemed they had made very simple QSOs with Garry. The others might run QRP. Compliment to Garry handling such a net for the beginners in VK.

Later at night, there was a big round table of bug users, WB6BEE, K5KV, W0VTT and NN6T going on. All FOC gang as well. They were not loud enough for me to break in. I just listened and then beamed to Eu. Worked a few Eu in rubber stamp, I went off the air. Only northern and eastern Eu were coming in. Not so loud as well. Kjell SM5CCE, with KW and 2el, was only 559.

I seldom heard any USA on 15m this morning. By 9 AM here, the band has returned to total quiet. I could hardly believe there had been a number of statessides, like canned sardines, coming in on this band until noon a few weeks ago.

This condition may last for a while until it gets like spring on the air. In the end of Jan. or the beginning of feb. 20m might start opening to Eu at midnight. It would be the earliest sign of spring's arrival.

it is the time of hibernation.


Joining an ensemble in Tokyo with my wife.

I have been to an ensemble meeting in tokyo with my wife today. It was for instrument beginners to play easy pieces. I got out of my house 30 minutes before the train bound for Tokyo departing at a local station. Unfotunately, I have missed that train. I was forced to realize how far it was from my home to the station nearby.

Anyway, I arrived at the ensemble place in a downtown of Tokyo an hour late after it had started. The place was a gorgeous music practise room underground at a public facility. I have known some of the members. It was not to musically accomplish much but to enjoy ensemble together. Three violins, one viola, three cellos and two flutes, including my wife, who has come there almost 2 hours later. A Christmas medley and the famous tune from the 4th movement of Beethoven's 9th symphony arranged for a string quartet. Sometimes discordant in tune as well as in rhythm. But it was a fun to make an ensemble with those comapany. My wife has never been to such an ensemble in the past. As soon as I asked her if she would join this ensemble, she has started preparing for that, which made me surprised. Because she is rather reserved and shy to attend such a meeting. She seemed to be even friendly with the gang.

I noticed my eyes' cataract has progressed much. It was difficult for me to read the score in the not very bright room. I should undergo the surgery very soon.

I have not gone out with my wife so often. I have enjoyed talking something and some attendees at the ensemble on the way back home. I knew how enthusiastic she was for flute and music now. We sometimes wonder if it is too late for us to practise instruments. However, I would believe it would never be too late. It is just for own satisfaction. Sometime, we could enjoy such an ensemble together. Ensemble is singing together. Singing is made of breathing. Breathing is our life itself. Our relationship is not so ardent and passhionate as in our young days. Through this same hobby, which is closely related with our life, we may have fun together for a while. It might be an Indian summer for us.

When we took off the train at the station nearby, it was really chilly. It might be around the freezing point. We felt, however, warmed inside. I would go out for such an ensemble with her as often as possible.     


The winter has arrived here.

In northern Japan, they have already had much snow. It is getting chilly here, even though we have luckily no snow yet. It is the real winter here for now.

It is the time when I should pray for my friends. Junko, the XYL of K7UQH, was supposed to have had a surgery today. Tom W6NLK, whom I have met on 15m this morning, will have a surgery tomorrow. Though I am not a Christian, I could not help praying for them least pain and quick recovery.

It is the time I should consider my greeting mail for the holiday season and the New Year. I should reflect what has happened to me and what I should do in the coming year. I am definitely thankful for the peaceful life I could spend.

The gingko trees in my entrance are getting colorful. Some leaves have already fallen on the ground.


WWCW 2014

I have looked around on 40 and 15m for a while last week end. It was the WW CW contest 2014 being held then. The band conditions were terrific especially on the higher bands. Fifteen m had been open to any DX except during midnight.

CN2AA seems to claim the world record score with more than 10K QSOs. It is hard to believe to make such a score. It seemed that, regardless of the set ups they were using, the contesters around the Atlantic ocean had had much more advantages over the other parts of the world. Of course, it is because of the high density of ham populations in the East Coast and Europe. On the other hand, the West Coast has a handicap since the number of japanese contesters have decreased in number for the past ten or twenty years, so far as I have observed. If you wish to win in such a world wide contest, you should move to somewhere along the coast of Atlantic ocean.

It was a fun for me to give some points to friends on 15m just before the contest was over. Japanese big guns have got some pile ups from the north America, while the latter has not necessarily had any pile ups from Asia. In JA, there were less club stations' activity, as in the other contests. Famout contesters were active. Some of them seemed to be operated by a few crew. It has been a year or two since I heard Aki JA5DQH, either in plain QSO or in contest.

It was the best condition ever for the past several years. Even with such a condition, there was only this activity. Considering together with the average age of the contesters, I would say this might be the last feast for the contesters in the history. As a used to be an avid contester in the past, I still hope such a major contest as WW CW would survive. However, the future of contests won't be so promising, I am afraid.

Another point I would add to this post is that there were literally no one left on the band after the contest had been over. There used to be some contesters who would talk about it after the enthusiasm was over. I was sorry to know that as well.

Sorry for negative and pessimistic view on the contest. But it was what I had felt in this contest. I am glad to have experienced this contest this year which might be remembered as a historical one ever in the future.