Actions needed for those children with abnormal thyroid gland findings

In this blog, I have mentioned a report on the incidence of tumorous lesion found by the ultrasonogram in the children in Fukushima. It was 36% whic is seemingly abnormally high. Two professional doctors, Dr. Caldicott in Australia and Dr. Haugen in the US, have commented as below;


Dr. Caldicott insists them to perform biopsy in every case with the abnormal findings while Dr. Haugen tells to do so for those with nodular lesion(s) larger than 5mm in diameter. At present, it is not clear whether is right. At least, even if they follow the latter strategy, there should be dozens of children who need undergo biopsy. It is not usual to have this high percentage of children show abnormal findings in their throid gland. The article abstract I quoted in an earlier post tells those children with nodular lesion are fourfold more prone to occur thyroid gland cancer. If radiation involves in it, it could be even more probable, I am afraid. They should hasten further survey and treatment if necessary for those children.

The administrative group in Fukushima Pref Med Univ and the governmental authorities seem to be performing the same examination as those done in Fukushima for the normal control in the different areas. It should be blamed too late. In scientific survey, such normal control is required without any exception. I doubt they are serious at this issue.

The authorities won't reveal the findings to the public. Even the parents of the children with abnormal findings in screening survey were told "almost normal" by the doctors responsible for further study in Fukushima Pref Med Univ. They should publish the data and ask for the proper strategy for those children as soon as possible. The administrative agency should not be involved in this issue, which makes the problem too much complicated to be resolved.

The professionals in the field of thyroid gland medicine and radiology etc should announce any comment on this issue. Without such action, they should be blamed for non committment in the future. So far, nothing has been heard from them. I won't insist there are definite relationships between the radiation of I131 by the nuclear plant accident and the abnormal findings in the screening survey in high percentage. But it won't excuse any delay for further step for those children.

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