Reformation is necessary but how?

Tens of billions USD in the budget for reconstruction of our country after the big earth quake was channeled into a variety juridical persons in Japan. These juridical persons are not involved in reconstruction at all. Quite a number of high officials have gone into those organizations after their retirement from governmental agencies. They have been supposed to get much money for a few years of work there. Those juridical persons were determined to be downsized by the present government a year or two ago. But they are stealing budget taking advantage of this devastating disaster. What a shame! What corruption!

Even though the damaged areas still need much financial support, the budget for reconstruction was not fully spent yet for them. Our prime minister used to compare those high officials, who get extraordinary amount of money from the juridical persons, to termites. The prime minister promised to get rid of those termites from our country. But, in reality, they are giving much honey to them in stead of insecticide. There should be a kind of underground mutualism between the politicians and the bureaucrats.

Our bureaucracy system has been preserved from the regime before WWII. It used to work out well when our economy was growing more year by year. But, since the era of "Japan as number one" was over, it has acted up for now. Even though, as Max Weber pointed out, bureaucracy is necessary to realize democracy, our system needs to be reformed. Of course, we need to get through more tax and less public services to lessen the national debt up to 260% of GDP. Public opinion says we are ready. But, unfortunately, it is not possible for us to believe in this system of bureaucracy. It is frustrating to us that we don't know how to do this reformation. The politicians should have done that. But every change in politics has disappointed us. the present government of DP Japan is quite guilty to have deceived us as for this reformation. It seems the people wait for a man of charisma. Is it possible for such a politician to do that? There are some politicians rumored for such a charisma. For example, Mayor of Osaka, a young attorney, is deemed to go into the stage of national politics. So far as I know, he is only a populist. He is essentially very conservative and changes his view according to the situation. I can hardly believe that he could do this reformation.

How could this frustration be dealt with?

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