Hatred exploited by politicians

Here we have a problem with a neighbor country going on. The president of Korea has landed on an island which each claims to own. He is reported to require our Emperor to beg forgiveness if the latter wants to come to his country. It seems an abnormal attitude as a president to me. A soccer player has shown a card telling that the island in territory issue belongs to his country.

In Japan, it seems so many people are getting mad at their behaviour and saying. Hatred to each other is burning up. Is it a good thing for each of us? I scarcely belive so. Our emotion is often exploited by someone who benefits from those battles against neighbor people. The modern history indicates it repeatedly. We should be calmed down. We should not leave it to the politicians.


  1. Shin I have had the same Experience as you , with stations sending only there own call sign as if I am a dx station working a pile up , its not what I think is good operating practice and its very easy to think a pile up has spread to my frequency also,
    Have a wonderful day my friend 73 Glen NN6T

    1. Hi Glen,

      It was not this post you wanted to comment to, I suspect. But it is not a matter.

      Thanks for the comment. This is a frustrating manner, isn't it? All I can do it to ignore those callers. Try to preserve good manner on the air together.

      Lately, I have been pretty active. Yesterday, I happened to hear you on 20m. As soon as you finished the QSO, I gave you a shout. But you were gone! See you some time. Take care.