PC logging thereafter

Thanks to Atsu JE1TRV, I could make an access to a variety of PC logging softwares. So many softwares available. It is difficult for me to test every one. I decided to start with Logger 32. It is pretty simple and easy to put the data in even though the remarks space is still too small for my purpose. I summarize and simplify the remarks so that I could put it into that space.

I still realized that it required me an enormous amount of efforts to make the QSO data memorized. I have got over "100 notebooks" for the paper log since I came back in 1980. I have never counted the number of QSOs yet. An astyronomical time and energy are necessary to do with all the data.

Maybe, we should put the data in real time with the QSO or, at least, as soon as finishing the QSO. It could be a problem. I always enjoy relaxing ragchews and don't feel like to touch with the PC while in QSO. A lazy operator. I don't want to be like at work with the PC.

It may take me long time to do with the PC logging. But I should start with it now. Why won't someone program a PC logging application easier to store the data? No fancy functions needed. From now on, amateur radio will be a hobby for aged people. There is a market in it.

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