Omitting each other's call

Lately, many guys are omitting identification, that is, are not sending call signs in the end of their transmission. they finish it with "BK". I have mentioned about this trend before. This habit should not be ignored, I believe. I would comment on it here again.

Those guys seem to take it as a reasonable way of operation. They might believe it will shorten the meaningless message of identification and make the QSO more speedy and cooler.

Wait. "BK", break, is originally meaning breaking in the QSO or cutting the context in the QSO etc. It should be used only in unusual settings. Not in ordinary QSOs. It leaves us a feeling of abruptness. While the other is sending the call signs of his and mine in the end of a transmission, I could be ready for the next message to be sent to him in my next transmission. Without it, we feel that we are hastened. In my experience, those guys will finish the QSOs very shortly. They seem to behave as if they were in contests.

Exchanging reports and promising QSL exchange, which is also frequently omitted, are too trivial. Those informations are not essential as communication contents. Ending with "BK" in transmission always makes CW communication less meaningful. 

When someone finished his transmission with "BK", I always say 73 in a minutes or two. Since it must be what he wants me to do.

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