Where have all the flowers gone?

I stayed up until 3 AM this morning after taking a long nap before the TV last night. I watched and called CQ several times on 20m which was open to Europe. Not many gave me a call. Mostly from the Eastern Europe. They won't converse without routines like exchanging reports etc.

Enjoying the retirement freedom, I got up late in the morning today. Sipping a cup of coffee, I watched 15m. It was open pretty well to the West Coast. Again, the QSOs with a few of them were, honestly speaking, boring. Only reports and names. In this good condx, we may enjoy conversation, not machinery but more human. But most guys seem to want to make only the facts of QSOs. Even on SSB, there were very few chatting. I am inclined to ask them if you would bring the QSL cards into your grave, which you have spent the precious time and energy in your lives to collect.

Where have all the flowers gone? Am I wanting something not achievable these days? While listening a pile up for DX on 15m, I am more worried about the future of this hobby than ever. It is almost like finding a jewel in sand on beach to have a meaningful conversation with anybody. But I still wonder where all the flowers have gone.


  1. Hi Shin,

    Yesterday I had a QSO with a G3 on 12m... G-land is very rare DX from this QTH. Conditions were excellent. I wanted to chat about the UK etc, but he was not keen. He just wanted me in the log. Such a disappointment to me, but on the other hand I have my JA friends to chat to, plus a few guys on the west coast of USA. We have to lower our expectations these days, but the rewards are still there. However, they are becoming scarce like endangered species of flowers !

  2. John,

    Yes, it is like an endangered species of flowers. The more endangered they are, the more precious they are.