An invitation to ham radio

My wife , a psychiatrist, is still working at her own practice. The local doctors' association has sent her a letter. That invited her as a member to take a ham ticket. Of course, that invitation has been sent to all the members. Having experienced the difficulty in communication at the big earthquake last year, they seem to use ham radio as a replacement for the usual commercial land line.

At first, I was chuckling at this attempt. But, in a few seconds, I thought it was not bad that some doctors would be closer to ham radio even if they might aim at such as emergency communication with ham radio. Ham radio has some deficits as the emergency tool. But it is better than nothing. If a net is formed by the doctors in this area, it might work out in emergency. It might work as a communication tool in the area.

In addition, some doctors may find ham radio an interesting hobby itself. No one knows a few might become indulged in the most brilliant mode of communication, that is, CW in the future as I did.

I remembered that my wife used to have a no code licence years ago. We used VHF like a cell phone at present. Years ago, she used to try mastering code with a cassette tape when commuting to her work. When I drove her car by chance and ran the cassette tape without knowing what it was, CW code came out of the speaker. It made me astonished. She told me she had wanted to beat me with CW skill before I knew that. Unfortunately, as soon as I knew her project, she lost her interests in CW. She never tried to listen CW music any longer.

I might be lucky that my wife had not become like Sonia PY2SO in 1980s, who used to be a fluent CW operator with many fans all over the world. For she would have taken this seat in the shack all the time on behalf of me.

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