An inflation of the contests

Last week end, at least, two contests were going on while another is being held this week end. I was carefully watching JIDXC last week end, which sounded to have less participants than some years ago. There should be substantial decrease of the contesters all over the world. In addtion, aren't there too many conests held throughut a year? Especially, in the DX seasons, a few contests are held at the same time. It is like an inflation of the contests which lower the value of each contest. It causes the contesters to be scattered to each contest.

Retirees like me could enjoy the ordinary QSOs on the plain week day. The other workers who wish to enjoy the ordinary QSOs must be discouraged to find the bands being occupied by the contesters in week ends. This situation may deprive the ham radio world of its activity as a whole. I am on the side that enjoys the ordinary contact and still feel sorry for the present situation. The ham radio is, in my view, for human communication. Contesting was originally for testing the set ups and the operation skill in the beginning. It should have served for the ordinary contacts, I believe. The infalted contests are against this belief as well.

The contest hosts should consider of restructuring the contests, that is, unitizing the same kinds of contests. It will activate the contests and contribute to the contesters. If they should keep the contests in the same number and style, the contests would decay very soon. I wonder if the contesters would leave it go on as it does at present.


  1. Hi Shin San!
    I completely agree with you.
    The last time, one or two weeks ago I were count seven different contests.
    Now this is really sad!

    Sayonara Imi HA7AP

    1. Hi Imi,

      Thanks for your encouraging comment. I thought there had been very few in Europe who have the same feeling against the ridiculous radio gamea as mine.

      I was almost mad at the plain week day contest. hi

      See you again soon.


  2. Hi Shin San!
    Actually you would be pretty surprised, how many people fed up with contests in EU,
    especially during the week.
    I believe...there is a certain kind of people likes contests, those who won't be able to use Morse code for conversation.
    I remember by the time when I started to be a ham..... just as it was yesterday. I didn't speak English at the time, so all of my rag chews reduced to Hungarian, but unfortunately there is only a handful of guys in Hungary who would have a conversation with one in open Hungarian text. Most of the time they use English short hand text type of qso, like: tnx qso hpe cu agn 73 .. so it was really hard for me, therefore I was involved in many contests back then.
    As soon as I learned English, a different world opened up for me. I've made many friends on the air, and I started to have longer and longer conversations.
    Nowadays I can hold a conversation at 60wpm for even two hours, but there is only two or three persons around in EU who would do that kind of rag chew :-) one of them is Dick, SP9DBA.

    Every once in a while I like to chasing around rare dx's like 7O6T, but most of the time I enjoy a company of an other ham who willing to have a longer conversation on the air with me.
    I really do appreciate a nice conversation at any speed, if the condx allow it.
    Unfortunately there is only a very few die hard QRQ CW guys like me and nobody really cares about the young generations, so they becomes contesters.
    Don't get me wrong....I don't mind about major contests, but when it comes to seven contest in a single weekend and they do the same during the week, then I really freak out.

    I'll see you soon