Early in the morning

20m was pretty good for the western Eu late at night yesterday. But this morning, the band was skipping even the western Eu but was open only to the Atlantic ocean. Very few signals except for  EA8. Hoping to catch someone over there, I called CQ. Bernd VK6AA/M has answered to me. Despite of my worsened memory, I could guess anyone whom I had a QSO before, at least, in case of a good ragchew. This call did not ring my aged intuitive memory. The signal from his K3 and mobile whip was not loud but was still good to copy.

Bernd introduced himself as ex VK2IA, which sounded pretty familiar to me. It was the guy, I know, who had been active in DX as well as contesting. He told me he was taking breakfast with his wife on the way to Broome, their new QTH from Sydney. They were camping in the mid of desert in VK5 area. The trip is 3200km in total, which they would spend more than a month to run through. He said they would be settled down in Broome, which has only 5000 people as the population.

I haven't asked him about his age but sounded pretty young. His fist was vivid and proficient. He is working as a mining consultant. He told me his job won't choose where he lives. I asked him about the economy in VK land which seemd to be a kind of bubble to me. The real estate prices remain high especially in the mining areas. But the mining industry is driving the economy, so far as Bernd told me.

In the meantime, I thought I had ever seen his call somewhere. I found the FOC roster listing his call. It seems he has entered the club a year or two ago. I was sorry I could not recognize him as a member. Anyway, it was a real good QSO on the band almost dead for Eu or NA. It is enjoyable for me to talk to him staying in the desert area just around the sunrise. It stimulated my imagination. He told me he would send me the photos of the desert when settled down at his new home in Broome.

He went off telling me he should help his wife cleaning the dishes for their breakfast. I wished them a pleasant trip to their new home. Even in this lousy condition, we could find someone for such an enjoyable QSO. Ham radio is still something in our lives, isn't it?

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