A family trip to the west coast probable this summer

Our daughter might go to Seattle with us and make her debut in the society of CW freaks this summer.

It depended on who would take care for our old cat for even 10 days. This cat is shy and very careful with the people around him, even our family members. A veterinarian told us he could take care for him during our trip even though he had been meowing while he was at the clinic. Thanks to the vet. doctor, you would make our family btrip possible.

Our daughter is the furthest person from ham radio. But she could be sociable to the others, especially, the eloder people. So she won't be bored with the meeting of CW freaks despite of the generation and the hobby gaps. She is a student majoring in nursing. You may ask her how to care for ill people while you should give inquiry on children care to me and on shrinkd head to my wife.

Our sons won't go together due to their reasons. Maybe sometime in the future.

So I should start booking the hotels and the transportations now.


  1. Have a nice trip
    My son too don't want to accompany with us at any event.

    1. Atsu,

      He must be in a process in his life to get ready for leaving the nest of your home.

      We have never had such a fan trip before. We will enjoy it so much.