Following after own clock from now on

A good friend of mine has sent me an impressive mail. It is a hit for what I feel for retirement.

I felt to be forced to live after the clock the administrarive agency set for us. It was a reason why I decided to retire. It was a pleasure or, at least, a reasonable duty for me as a clinical doctor to live after my patients' clock. But disgusted to live after the irrational rules the bureaucrats compelled us to obey.

From now on, the main issue for me is how to make my retirement constructive or make my life worth living.

Thanks, Alan, for this valuable proverb.



I retired in October 2009. Over the past 2.5 years my greatest challenge is to use my time constructively.

While working, I was always subject to someone else's clock. After retirement, my time has very little external structure. The only structure imposed is from within.
t the hiring agencies were looking for "free" labor in an economic sense - not what I was interested in.

So I imagine that you will enjoy your retirement to the extent that you and you alone give it value.

I enjoy reading your posts and blog very much. When you travel to the United States I hope you might find time to visit the east coast.

161 Alan KF3B

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