Towards Long-term Sustainability: In Response to the 3/11 Earthquake and the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

On Apr 20/21, a symposium titled above will be held by IEAS of UC Berkeley. On the 1st day, Masayoshi Goto, a japanese plant engineer, who used to design containment vessels of nuclear power plants, will make a speech titled as follows;

Can We Really Controll Nuclear Power Plants?Lessons from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Goto is a core member of an association of plant engineers, which has published questions for the on going stress test of the nuclear power plants by the government and the administrative agencies. This stress test is aimed only at resuming the operation of the nuclear power plants. The content is quite defective even compared with the same test performed in Europe. In addtition, it is done by the same bureaucrats, NSA and NICS in Japan, as those who have administered the nuclear power plants for the past decades. It resulted in the disater in Fukushima. The high officials of both agencies declared they won't determine if the operation of the nuclear power plants would be resumed or not. It means they won't take the responsibility for the judgement of the stress test. There are parties which gain much profits from nuuclear power plant operation. They should be definitely questioned.

The web site of this symposium is here;


The symposium is planned to be published through the internet. It seems to be open to non researchers or students.

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