A miracle in life

Several days ago, when I was relaxing at home after having spent a busy day at a bank or with an accountant etc, I got a phone call from a friend in neighborhood. Her daughter, named K, aged 21 years seemed to have an asthmatic attack. I told her that I would care for her at the clinic where I used to work by myself. After getting permission to care for her by myself at the clinic, I took them there on my car.

K got massive coughing bouts but least dyspnea. On the way to the clinic, I have talked with her mother on our old days. I first met K at a serious situation. It was almost 20 years ago. In a morning when I was getting ready to go for work at a med school hospital, her mother has given me a call. She screamed to me telling that K was almost drowned to death in a watered bath tub. I rushed to her home in a few minutes. She was only a toddler lying motionlessly on the floor without consciousness. She was not cyanotic but quite pale. I confirmed she had regular heart beats but very weak breathing if any. Instantly, I gave her primary resuscitation. I don't remember how she responded to it. Possibly, she might breathe better then. I had her transfered to the med school hospital on an amubulance car. This episode left her psychomotor retardation, not so severe, and mild cerebral palsy. With her and her mother's effort, she has finished the ordinary education ata a local junir high school.

At the clinic, with the help of nebulization, she became free from that massive coughing. I have given her medication for asthma. She and her mother have been relieved a lot. I was happy to be able to help her again.

I haven't met her for years. She has grown to be a slender beautiful girl. I know she has been working at a facility for the handicapped. She would like, though, to work for aged people etc. Actually, she had a training to be a helper but had no chance to work that way so far. Her mother told me she had taken lessons for piano, which she loves so much. I know K should be regarded as an unfortunate girl from the common sense in the world due to her handicap. As a matter of fact, she as well as her mother must have had much difficulty in lives for years. Fight against prejudice, struggle to have the ordinary education despite of her handicap and so forth. But they accept it as it is and won't care for that so much. Her mother's story implied a bit of tears. But they seemed free from any troubles in mind. No care for tomorrow. They are living in the way as they are now. A kind of transparency, free from any cloudedness of anxiety or unhappiness, in their way of living. It is admirable to me. Apparently unhappiest mother and daughter are living in this way free from any anxiety or anger for their misfortune. It is not a sentimentalism at all. Once you know them in person, you might share the same feeling as I have had.

How could it be in the world?

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