I was convinced again.

After being busy for the past few days, I switdhed on the gear this morning. A cup of coffee was on the table. The paper log was open there as well. Everything was ready for me to spend a relaxing morning.

I have sweeped both 20m and 15m, where I heard a few statessides chatting on SSB.  Unfortunately, since CW activity has been lowered all over the world lately, I am checking the band conditions on SSB, the more active mode than CW. I was sure the bands had been open to the north america.

I  clicked the memory keyer button to call CQ. It has repeated calling CQ in vain for several times. Hum, the listeners might realize it had been from the memory keyer so I should send it with my bug. No calls yet. I peeped the reverse beacon network. The high tech tool, which I seldom watch, is still working. Several skimmers spotted my call there. Not very loud in the north america. but good enough for regular QSO.

The problem is why I have not got any calls. One reason could be that they have been bored with chatting with me. If this was right, there should have been many guys chatting other than me. But I could hear nothing on CW.

The CW operators could have given up regular QSOs. This seems a more probable reason. I don't know why. They hate the low rate of information processing on this mode? They think CW is only for contesting? If these speculations were right, they have given it up too early. If so, they haven't appreciated the value as a communication tool of CW which synchronizes the rate of our thinking. It is an intellectual challenge and never-ending origin of interests.

This morning, I am afraid, I was convinced again that CW is an art vanishing in the world. I still pound the brass calling CQ, though. I would be a man of testimony for this process.


  1. We have had 2 weeks off from full time babysitting and I have had time to check the bands during the day. I have been disappointed with the level of CW activity but have not yet tried SSB. Perhaps we need an international award for rag chewing or contest scoring with a weighting factor based on QSO length :-)
    Everyone seems to be listening for rare DX; I find little challenge in that. Getting to know people is far more enjoyable.

    1. There used to be RCC in '60s. Who was the sponsor for the club/award those days?

      The conditions have been a little bit strange. Even on the plateau, it doesn't sound so powerful as it used to be in the last few sunspot cycles. The DX signals sound veiled by something.

      Anyway, this morning, I have had good QSOs with old friends like KF7E or W1MO on 15m. I have found a string of ray of hope for the future of CW. I am swinging between hope and despair even though, basically, I am still pessimistic for the future.

      Let's talk something hopeful anyhow. Have a good free time!