Seeded Marygold

Marygold has been my favorite flower. It is lively even in cold or hot weather. It lasts for months from spring to fall. It has occupied a corner of the garden this year again. This photo was taken in this August.
A few days ago, seeing the flowers dying in the garden, I was going to pick and discard them. I found flower heads with a lot of seeds within them. Every flower head contained dozens of seeds. The photo below shows the seeds in a flower head.
I have collected the seeds. So many seeds. I would keep them in refrigerator and seed them in the garden next spring.
While collecting them into vinyl bags, I was amazed anew that life had been succeed in this way from a generation to the next. It is the same as with human being. Those tiny seeds looked lovely to me.  

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  1. Shin,
    My wish is that those seeds sprout beautiful flowers for you next year.