Piazzolla is a mysterious composer. His works are mixture of tango, jazz and classical music. Based on his native tango, they go beyond it over to the cosmopolitanism. It may be related with the fact he has been grown up in Argentina, educated in Europe and worked in the USA. His works won't belong to any of these genres, even though the outlook is still that of tango, but they form a unique genre themselves. Various emotions and feelings are heard from his music. The basic one is, I believe, sorrow. It is not a transient emotion but something flowing  on the bed of our lives like basso continuo.
This piece, Concerto para Quinteto, is my recent nightcap. Fuss spreads. In the midst of boisterous rhythm, a tender and heartfelt melody is sung by the violin solo, folowed by a song of sorrow by the accordion.

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