Fall deepens.

Recent snap shots taken in the garden here.
One of the flower garden. Flowers are shining for the last moment in mid fall.
The other flowers and plants. These were planted by my wife while they have been cared for by me. Weeds are growing much slower.

One of the roses. My wife has been caring for roses. I didn't know it had taken us so much energy to grow. Beautiful things are always to be damaged by illnesses or infestations of bugs.
Another rose. Visible only to the farmers in the neighborhood.
My biggest concern is these tomatoes. I wonder if they could ripen before cold snap comes here. I have learned how to grow them. I would be more successful at them next summer, hopefully. 
An old perssimon tree. Not very rich crop this year.
Our garden is going through fall in this way. The more they are ripened, the more I have free time. I am spending more time for cello again. In a week, we will have a small private concert in Tokyo. These plants are forced to listen to basso continuo of Bach played by my cello. Is that why they grow slow?  

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