Gifts from old timers.

This morning, I have run across with Rob N6KIX, who told me he had rescued some materials of old japanese hams like photos and QSLs from a neighbor. Some of them were prewar. J1EE, J1FT or J1FO etc. He got them from the family of W6IU. He wondered how to do with them. I thanked for his effort and told him to get in touch with JARL.

Seventy years since the end of the war will have passed next year. Most old timers are not active or some of them have gone SK. I still have fond memories of such as JA1KFN, JH1WIX or JP1BJR, who used to be pioneer in ham radio before the war. Unfortunately, they were all gone. We should preserve the materials which tell us how they have lived and contributed to ham radio.

Those old timers were real gentlemen without any exception. They have dreamed ham radio could be a window for the world. They have enjoyed it by themselves and have tried to deliver good things to us. I feel we are asked by them if we are making efforts to deliver them to the next generation by ourselves.

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