Hot pot cooking

Cooking in an earthen ware pot is very popular in Japan in winter. The materials could be a variety of fish and/or meat with vegetables. Chinese cabbage is a regular vegetable in any hot pot cooking. Cod or salmon is popular fish for this dish. The soup stock is always made of fish. Tofu is another material to be added to this dish. Taking advantage of the simplicity of this cooking, we always use some ready made soup. Warm the soup and put the materials from vegetables to fish/meat. Heat up them in an earthen ware pot until every material is cooked enough. 

In this cooking, I have featured a solid soup material named "Premium Nabe" manufactured by Moranbong. Nabe means earthen ware pot in japanese. This soup material is quite tasty as if it was served at a high quality japanese restaurant. It is much better than any kind of ready made liquid soup.  We could enjoy "full-bodied" taste with this item. Try it.

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