Late fall in our garden

It is getting cooler day by day. Expecting another big typhoon, I prepared protecting plants and vegetables from gust and harvested some vegetables.
This is cosmos naturally grown from the seeds derived from the planted cosmos last year. Seeing them swinging in the breeze, I feel the fall is getting deepened.
Fully grown basil. I should have used it for material of a sauce or something else. Maybe, it will grow again from the seed of these plants next year.
 Enkianthus in front of my parents' house. It could have shown more bright color. It has grown to a big tree.
Callicarpa japonica with purple fruits. It was also naturally grown at a corner of our lot.
The fruits in close up view. Clusters of elegant and beautiful fruits. I guess I have already introduced this plant before. It is named as Murasakishikibu after a famous novelist in Heian era who wrote the famous novel titled Genji Monogatari.    
Some tomatoes are finally ripened. Those planted before the rainy season were mostly failure. The plants were infected with some virus or mold. After the rainy season, it has been successful. It resulted in these good fruits. Very juicy and thick in taste. I knew those sold in supermarket had been harvested while they were not ripened. I have learned a bit how to raise the tomato now. Maybe, we might enjoy more of these ripe tomatoes next year. This was the high light in our garden this year.
Our lot looking from the entrance toward the east. The left is the house my parents used to live. The front is a storage house. Whenever I look this, I still feel as if, in this scene, my father was busily going somewhere and my mother was smiling at me. Time is passing.
The west side of our lot. It looks like a small forest. Or jungle?


  1. Shin,

    All the photos on your blog are beautiful. Where you live is good for the eyes and the heart.

    Gary KA1J

  2. Thanks, Gary. This is where I was born 65 years ago. My father used to come back here when he retired. Then we were settled down here. A nice place in deed. I am relieved to stand on my garden every day.