New Year's Eve

It was Sukiyaki that we had chosen for the dinner last night. The beef was the gift from my brother in law, a vet doctor. Coming home after busy days at the university, our daughter perked up the table.
At present, I could hear her and my wife playing their own instruments in the living room, violin and flute, respectively. Not in ensemble but tunig at the same time! Our daughter wanted me to give her 442Hz for la. It's been a long time since she took her violin out of the case. 
We have had unpleasant or unhappy events this year. But I think we should thank the higher being for the fact we could spend the New Year's eve in this way.


  1. Looks great, as usual :-) My son gets watery eyes when he sees pictures of such delicacies. We'll have a classic Fondue tonight, three sorts of meat, fried in vegetable oil at the table, eaten with french baguette, dips, and lots of wine. As every year we'll have a small scale firework, just the beautiful things.

    1. Greg,

      HNY in our time. Wishing all of you very healthy and prosperous year 2014 there. Fondue might be an equivalent to our sukiyaki. Is your son still studying on japanese language and/or culture? I hopw he will have another chance to visit here for study. See you soon.