Since I spend the daytime alone at home on the plain week days, I am apt to take simple junk foods for lunch. Thinking it was not good for health, I often cook a kind of noodle named Ramen in Japan. It is an instant food that has been sold for decedes. Recently, the technology has improved the quality of  noodle so much that it tastes like fine raw noodle.
The problem for aged people to take it as meal is that it has high calory as well as high sodium content. It may worsen the trait of high blood pressure or the arteriosclerosis, maybe. I have made a couple of principles to take it as "a safer food" for myself.
1)Do not take the soup, which contains much salt. This may eliminate 60% of sodium intake.
2)Put as much vegetables as possible. Almost the same amount as the noodle in volume. It may give me satisfaction that lasts longer than noodle alone. 
This lunch Ramen has fresh spinach from our garden. With the colder weather, it tastes sweeter. Cabbage tastes mildly sweet in the salty soup seasoned with pork. Some carrot makes it look better. The ham was again a gift from the violinist.
It was good like Ramen at good restaurant. But it might not be advisible for aged people to take it for lunch every day. I still recommend you to try it with the principles.


  1. I enjoy good noodle dish often and that looks good. I usually use a wheat noodle - Somen.

    I finally heard you on 40 meters this AM. 12/13 from about 12:20 to 12:40 Z. Nice signal to SE Florida. Still a bit fast for me but I am getting better so maybe next time I will be comfortable answering your CQ.


    1. Terry,

      Some is a kind of oily noodle. It is good as well. We take it on ice in summer.

      Give me a buzz anytime you hear me. 40m may be good around 13Z, a bit later than before. It is often skipped earlier. I am looking forward hearing you.

      In case we won't meet before Christmas, I would say Best Sseason's Greetings to you and yours all.