A Happy New Year

I have had a good time with my wife and daughter at home for the New Year's Eve. Practising own instruments, having dinner together, watching a TV program of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, chatting a few friends on 40m and going asleep while reading a book of our country's history. Getting up at 7AM, I found a fine and crisp morning for the New Year's Day. My wife has prepared a traditional breakfast with soup named Zouni; soup with rice cakes, chicken and vegetables. A very good one. It seems to be a time in a year for a house husband to be able to take some rest.

For New Year's Resolution, I would like to summarize as an article on the subject how we read and send Morse code for conversation. It would be basically a psychological description based on some neuroscience findings. Morse code reception is an interesting process in our mind/brain. Not as a professional researcher at all but as an amateur enjoying that process, I would like to write about it. It might be a hint to understand how we perceive the symbols with tone.

I am going to start a piano trio again. I am very afraid my bad vision and worsened ability in rhythm etc would make my partners unhappy. But there is only limited time left for me in my life to enjoy such activity so that I would enjoy it feeling thankful to the lovely partners

I could not help thinking of the decline of our country in economy, politics and something like the ethos of the public. Actually, the population is decreasing in number as well as the economic activities. The politics seem to aim at the anachronism of the imperialism days while some of the people express their hatred for the minorities and the weak in the society. In this situation, the people, I am afraid, would seek something they could rely on as well as depend on. Some value where they don't need judge things by themselves. Even giving up the freedom of idea and thoughts, they would need a sense of values which would free them from judging things by themselves while requiring their obedience. The economy should recede badly in the near future when the transient  effect of the quantitative easing is gone. What a mess will happen in that situation? I would go on watching what occurs.

Attending some FOC gathering is another goal this year. It may depend on my wife's work schedule. Since we  haven't been used to go for a long trip, it would be a big project. Hopefully, it comes true this year, though.

Thanks again for visiting this blog. Any comment would be the vitamine for me to continue it. Your words are really appreciated. Wishing you a very healthy and happy new year again.



  1. Happy New Year to you and family Shin. I very much enjoy your blogs and look each day for updates. Hopefully we can QSO again in the New Year.

    73 / Steve. VE7SL

  2. Happy New Year Shin. Always enjoy your missives about life and the hobby and hope to continue to do so for many more years my friend. CU on the bands. 73 de Jeff, KE9V

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family.
    I continue to improve my code "skills" and look forward to anything you write on the subject. The big event ham radio wise was getting my Extra class license last year. I have no excuse for waiting so long to upgrade.


  4. Steve,

    Vising your web site, I was interested in your a single 6L6 TX and in how it sounded like. It brings me back to 1960s. I would like to link your web site to this blog if you don't mind.


    Thanks for the comment. Such as yours always encourage me to go on this blog.


    Congratulations to you on upgrading your ticket. I hope you to fully enjoy the priviledges of the class. In the winter, you may find me around 7026 in your sunrise almost every day. See you soon.


  5. Dr. Shin - I would be honored to have you add my link to your blog and happy to hear that you enjoyed the 6L6 page! Maybe we might work on 10m with it yet, before the cycle gets too weak.

    73 / HNY / Steve VE7SL