Tell me your story

This evening, I was on 40 m. The band was intermittently bothered by the OTH radar. In between when the band is quiet, I could hear some signals from Europe as well as North America. One of the callers to me was Steve KF7YRL. Not loud but readable. He seemed to go with a hand key. Actually, he wanted me to slow down. He has introduced himself as an ER doctor. His QRZ.com page was informative and interesting to me. He is not a DX chaser nor a contester. He seems to enjoy ragchewing on CW. He loves outdoor activities as well.

I was sorry we could not go on ragchewing enough. We might have shared the same kind of interests. Looking forward next QSO with him, I have given him my best wishes for the season.

In his bio. of QRZ.com, he says as follows. That's what I always want in a QSO. Yes, I would say the same motto:tell me your story. It will fill my heart with pleasure.



You may think you're boring, but I don't. I want to hear about your family, your career, your military service, your ham-life, your other hobbies, what it's like where you live, or crazy stuff you've lived through. Give me something that helps me remember you. 


  1. Shin
    Steve has put to words with "tell me your story", the specific reason that is the essence of ham radio, regardless of mode or frequency. A name, signal report and location in a log book will never accomplish what happens when you not only know that, but you know about their spouse, their dog, what they do for a living, what they did today or plan for tomorrow. Contests and DX Chasing may be a slight diversion, but rag chewing is the core of this hobby.

    1. Don

      You are quite right. I share every word in your saying.

      It seems wen is travelling back home. I hope you won't have too many hamburgs before she comes home.


  2. Shin,

    Very odd coincidence that I would read your blog post and then proceeded to "bump" into Steve on 20 meters today. Enjoyed that QSO very much and I'm glad I had read about it here first as it permitted me to slip into long QSO mode knowing he also enjoys the camaraderie of the key.

    73 de Jeff, KE9V

    1. Jeff,

      I am pleased to hear that. I would catch him as well as you very soon. Best Season's Greetings to you and yours all.