The struggle of the former governor of Fukushima Prefecture

It was decided by the supreme court that the former governor of Fukushima Prefecture, Eisaku Satoh, had been guilty for the acceptance of a bribe for the service as the governor. The sentence has admitted the bribe between him and a private company. But, oddly enough, they have sentenced no penalty for the bribe. Even though he once admitted his "crime" to the prosecutor when he was told in the investigation that his relative had tried to commit suicide due to the event, he has been asserting of his innocence in this case since the first trial. He says he would go on struggling against this judgement.

He had argued against the government and the electrical power company regarding the transparency and the participation by the people in the decision naking of the policy for the nuclear power plant. It was several years before the accident of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima happened. He has organized a committee investigating on the energy policy at the prefectural government, which has later published a interim report on the theme. It has taken the idea for the nuclear power plant commonly claimed after the accident in advance. He has not accepted the problematic MOX fuel to the nuclear power plants there. He was a really excellent politician as well as an administrator there. Therefore, no wonder, the government had hostility toward him.

The government could be involved in his accusation by the special investigation department of the public prosecutors office. This department has caused several serious cases of false accusation for the past decade. In some cases, there have been evidences that they made frame-ups. It is another horrible case if they did the same thing accepting the evil intention of the authority to have him fall in the frame-up. There don't seem to be any conclusive evidence to prove his innocence and the involvement of the government to this case. But the sentence and the situation how he was accused seem to tell us it was a real frame-up case by those who get enormous benefit from the nuclear power industry.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister Abe used to answer to an inquiry at the diet that the total loss of electricity could never happen a few years prior to the accident. It has been historically denied. And he still intends to start the nuclear power plants all over our country and even to increase the number of the plants.

Who is the right politician?

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