John K1JD

John K1JD has long been a good friend of mine. Especially since his retirement brough him to New Mexico, we have often talked on our loving mode.

It made me surprised the following data given in the face book which turned out to be quite identical to my history:

Born in 1949

Started ham radio in 1963

Semiretired in 2012

There must be many more things we share. As we knew each other through this hobby, this coincidence might have happened. There could be more hams in our generation with the same kind of histories. Ham radio was one of the most attractive and brilliant hobbise for our generation those days.

They would hold an FOC gathering in Santa Fe in April next year. I wonder if I could shake hands with him.


  1. I didn't know both you guys were so young...
    For Me:
    Born 1947
    Ham Radio May 1962
    Still working.

    I think it would be grand to shake hands with both of you fellows in Santa Fe


    1. Don,

      We both belong to the same baby boomer generation. Let's go on enjoying our 2nd youth from now! I am not sure if we could go either gathering. It would be nice to see you in eye ball. Don't give up planning to travel to Japan.


  2. Hmmm. Can a young fellow born in '42 shake hands with all of you as well? :-)
    Jim N3BB

    1. Jim,

      Sure. I still have an image of you whom I talked on the metropolitan subway in Tokyo on the way back from Ham Fair years ago! Actually, you still look young. Have a healthy and happy new year with Diana.

      Shin@considering visiting Santa Fe

  3. I don't know, that's pretty young, Jim. Maybe with a hall pass......

    Shin, we will be in Japan. I want Wendy to see what I see in your beautiful country.