Citron bath

Around the witer solstice, we have a habit to take a bath with citron soaked in it. Citron is told to be effective for warming or for skin protection against dryness. This habit seems to have been kept since Edo era. We, japanese, like bathing. Citron is ripe in this season. With the knowledge of beneficial effect of this fruit for an adjunct to bathing, people might have kept this habit last so long among people in this season.

Our daughter, who is on the training for care for patients at home, has given a few citrons by the patien's family. She has brought them back home last night and has brought one of them into the bath when I took it. the fragrance of citron has spread all around. Needless to say that I have become more warmed than usual.



  1. Shin San, I find your comments on Citron interesting. My only recollection of the word is from my childhood when my mother was baking what is called Fruit Cake, and used candied fruits cut into small pieces and added to the cake batter. One of those fruits was named Citron. I find it quite interesting since this fruit comes from a plant that was identified and used in Egypt many centuries ago, and was even thought to be an antibiotic. I am sure your house and bath area smell great when you use it for bathing and soaking. I find that in commercial products it is primarily used here as an edible food, such as candy, or as a fragrant mens cologne. As usual I learn a lot from periodic reading of your blogs.

    Bob Gates
    Mesa, AZ

    1. Bob,

      I have never eaten citron. Maybe, sour like lemon? That fruit cake must has been very nice in your childhood days. i have never known it was originated in Egypt. Maybe suitable for growth in desert area. So it may grow well in your area!

      Have a nice Christmas there!