In a hurry, where do they go?

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navy Pillay has expressed concern about the state secret protection bill our diet is going to enact. She says the law should meet the international standard of the human right.


The Ambassador of Sweden, Lars Vargo, has told in his blog on Dec 2nd how important free speech and the freedom of the press are. Though he has not indicated directly of the bill above mentioned, it is most likely he has meant of that bill.


Regrettably, in a couple of days, the government would have the bill voted at the upper diet, where it is supposed to be approved. It has not been discussed enough at the diets yet. The government is rushing to get it enacted by some reason. This law will change the framework of our country. It is not rational to conclude about such a subject of much dispute in too much of a hurry.

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