The pottery pot dish is very popular in Japan in this season. Warm and tasty. It is ready for dinner. 
Before starting it, I would toast myself with a can of dark beer. The ham is a gift from a violinist friend. I have been enjoying ensemble with her for over ten years since her student days. I have not been able to spend time for that ensemble for months this year. This girl kindly told me to enjoy ensemble together again with her and a pianist. Needless to say that I have started practising the d minor piano trio by Mendelssohn which we had practised until Jan. this year. What a sweet girl! Cheers to our piano trio!!


  1. Now, that is a fine looking meal. Worthy of a cold Colorado evening. I would likely have to go for a light beer, though. Cheers to you and your ensemble. You need to mention to her that you are soliciting the addition of a banjo. She will probably think you need medical attention.

    1. She might enjoy a banjo in our company. But it is a problem there must be almost no piece composed for a piano trio plus a banjo. Keep yourself warmed.