The expense account will be more tax free!

A half of the expense account would be tax free in the next national budget as the government has determined. It is told as a plan to stimulate business. Heck! The cost for parties of company held as reception is a stimulating measure?! Whom will they give reception? How could it stimulate business?

The economical recession, apparently deflation, is due to the decrease of the working generation in number as well as the depositing money by aged people worring about their future. The income of the working generation has been constantly decreased while the reserve of major companies is increasing up to more than 200 trillion Yen, that is, 2 trillion USD, since the beginning of this century. With increased tax, they should have done with those problems.

All the government does to stimulate business is to conduct the record quantitative easing. It could be of help to relieve credit failure. Only as a temporary measure. The quantitative easing has been carried out without any effect on the apparent deflation. It won't yield any value in the economy.

As the last measure, they are stimulating business with reception expense. What silly politicians! 


  1. the politicians are not silly for their own agenda. the spending stimulates the economy and increases the GNP (gross national product) which give them a feeling that they are serving you at your expense. money is magical which can be created and disappeared just as quickly. best idea when you retire is to spend it quickly and balance the ins and outs of finance and be happy everyday that you are still alive. worrying and mad at it only hurt your self.let the politician stress them self out. every politician I have seen started out as happy with a great face free of wrinkles and a few year later face full of lines, grey hair and awful expression on they faces. the smart ones live pass 90 . an example is Mandela which look at his behavior from a radical to a humble wise man . he smiles a lot and chose his words wisely when speaking. I have also learn quite a bit from my wife which changed my radical thoughts to think before speaking .

    wayne va7at

    1. Wayne,

      A difficult message for me. It is not my personal problem but is involved in the whole country. Our government has the debt more than twice of our GDP. They are still issuing money and imposing more tax on us. The former could result in a bad inflation while the latter should be used for refunding the debt and improving our social security. I would accept more tax. It was a manifesto of the parties composing our cabinet. If you regard this attitude toward the politicians as a radicalism, I would stay in it. It is not for me but for the society.

      They are trying to suppress our voices with the new state secret protection law. A terrible situation.