Two dishes served by a house husband

Chicken cooked with onion, potato and eggplant tasted by balsamic vinegar.
Fried codfish with vegetables mixed by Japanese powdered starch in chinese style.
I could brag myself for these dishes, if the taste won't be questioned, which I have finished cooking in 45 minutes. It was after I had worked for a full day as a parttime. It is by househusband costless labor haha.


  1. From the sound of your chat with Jack WA7HJV this morning, you will now begin giving House Husband training. You are Jack of all Trades, Shin.

    1. Don, I wish I were called as a fine cellist instead of a Jack of all trades! Between you and me, it is necessary for me to cook because no one would do that at our home unless I do that...it's a secret!!

    2. Shin,
      I can relate to this! I would starve if I didn't fix or cook my own meals. I owe my existence to the microwave oven.
      Dennis W0JX

    3. Dennis,

      In my case, I should prepare the meal not only for me but also for my wife. Since I owe her much in the past time of our lives, I would be pleased to do that so far.

      Microwave is a real convenient tool for cooking. How about fresh vegetalbles? If you dependent on microwave, you may lack it in meal! Take good fresh veggies!