Sharing the same interests in music with a friend

In the meeting at Ham Fair yesterday, I have talked much of music with Len JA1IKA. He has praised of Glenn Gould playing Bach. I have totally agreed with him. What a beautiful touch Gould has made with this Intermezzo by Brahms! Each touch is leading to serene and brilliant tone like dews on a leaf in the morning.

He has played the Number 2 Symphony "Resurrection" by Mahler as a cellist in an amateur orchestra . What a joy it must have been for him. I told him I could not help weeping when I listen to the tune sung by Soprano with the phrase shown below in the 5th movement of that Symphony. This shows how Mahler has struggled in his life. His struggle and subsequent catalysis are coming into our minds with enormous emotion. He has nodded his approval to my story.

                                           O glaube: du wardst nicht umsonst geboren!
                                           Hast nicht umsonst gelebt, gelitten!

Unfortunately, he is not playing either violin or cello any longer. He told me he could play instruments until age late 60s. It has encouraged me to do a bit more effort with my cello.

I haven't known of Len until meeting him in Tokyo this time. But I have found a guy whom I could share the feelings and interests with. It is always good to have such a friend in my life.


  1. Special thoughts from a special person. Congratulations, Shin.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the comment. You are right. Nowadays, we have less chances to know such a person on the air as well as in person, don't we?

      By the way, your ATAS mobile antenna doesn't sound very efficient. Why won't you try an antenna with a bigger coil! I hope to converse with you on the way to jogging. Not just saying hello!! 161 to Diane.