Some harvests in my garden farm

It was my first experience to grow okra. I didn't know how it grows and bears fruits. Here is the flower. I was really impressed at it. For these okras have been badly damaged by hail several weeks ago when they were young and small. Now they have finally grown to bear flowers and fruits. A lovely flower, isn't it?
This is the fruits. I am wodering how to cook them. Boiled with the other vegetables or raw as salad?

The basils are fully blooming though the flowers are not very noticeable. They still look vivid and beautiful.
Wild tomatoes. Fully ripe. They say tomatoes won't grow well at the same place as the same species have been grown the year before. But this wild one is exceptionally good. The other tomatoes have often been damaged by the heavy rain a few weeks ago. I would praise this wild ones for it has grown so nicely by itself without any nutrients etc.


  1. Shin, breaded and fried, stewed with tomato (looks slimy, tastes good) or pickled. Yes, we fry everything in the South. Like the green tomatoes. Hi Hi
    Fried is my personal favorite.


    1. Terry,

      Fried green tomatoes are beyond our imagination! I should try that sometime. Okra seems to be popular in the southern US, isn't it? We tried it in salad. It tasted slightly sweet and nice.


  2. Shin

    I didn't notice that last photo of the ripe tomato earlier. I think you are bragging. I will have to share with Wendy.


    1. Don,

      No bragging at all. For I haven't done anything on it. It is just a natural and wild one! Maybe, Wendy should try something good in the cooler weather there.