A performance of Takemitsu's Requiem

In the interview of Tohru Takemitsu with Seiji Ozawa in 1978 through 1979 published in 1981, Takemitsu often said to Ozawa that he had only limited time left for composing new works, even though he has lived about 15 years since then. If we are aware of his consciousness for the time left for his life, this music sounds more realistic to us.

I am deeply touched that NY Philharmonic has held such a concert immediately after the disaster in Tohoku. The conductor, Alan Gilbert, has made an impressive speech before performance. This convinces me again that sharing feelings and giving sympathy each other among people, irrespective of the nationality, could be a basis for the peace in the world. Our government seems to realize "collective self-defence" now. It is basically against the spirit of our constitution. They are violating the pacifism which has lead our country since WWII under the constitution. They insist that this drastic change is possible with an interpretation of the constitution. The concern and sympathy NY Philharmonic has expressed to us in the performance is opposite to the will to resort to the military force in order to solve international problems. The former is a basis for the peace in the world while the latter will yield vicious cycle of violence. I admit the international relationship won't be so simple but would confirm this principle for our life.

We will have the anniversary for the defeat of our country in WWII very soon. At this time, I would confirm that my time left in life is limited. And I should be strongly against any movements toward military force used to solve any conflicts with the other countries. Mutual understanding and sharing ideas and feelings should be the basic principle for our life.

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